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Conferencing Software for the Web
Comprehensive guide to software that powers discussions on the internet. Updated continuously.
The Right Tool for the Job: Choosing Tools for Collaborative Work Online
Presentation by David R. Woolley at the Virtual Team and Leadership Strategies conference in March 2004. (Requires Adobe Flash Player)
Web Conferencing: Not as scary as it seems!
Article by David R. Woolley for Microsoft's "Office Online," July 2005
Sound Choices: Using Audio in Web Conferences
Article by David R. Woolley for Microsoft's "Office Online," Sept 2005
How to Make Web Conferencing an Enterprise Standard
A Ziff Davis Media online seminar featuring David Woolley, President of Thinkofit, Alan Greenberg, Senior Analyst at Wainhouse Research, and Matthew Hicks, online reporter for Recorded in April 2004.
The Future of Web Conferencing
Robin Good interviews David Woolley about how conferencing tools will evolve over the next few years.
Oct 2003
Extending the Dialog: Using Web Forums to Complement Your Web Conferencing Event
Live seminar by David R. Woolley and Griff Wigley, March 2002.
Evolving Software for Evolving Communities
David R. Woolley's session from the conference "Return On Investment: Can your community pay the bills?", July 2001.
The Future of Web Conferencing
by David R. Woolley, June 1998
Chapter for a never-published book, Web-based Computer Conferencing, edited by Paulette Robinson.
Choosing Web Conferencing Software
by David R. Woolley, Nov 1996
Presented at the 1996 International University Consortium Conference on WWW Course Development & Delivery.
Making Online Forums Work for Community Networks
by David R. Woolley, Jan 1998
Article written for the Association For Community Networking Newsletter.
Presentation Features of Text-based Conferencing Systems on the WWW
by Daniel LaLiberte & David R. Woolley, May 1997
Paper published in Computer Mediated Communication Magazine.
Conferencing on the Web
by David R. Woolley, Aug 1994; revised April 1995 for 2nd edition
Chapter for the book World Wide Web Unleashed by John December & Neil Randall.
Is the World Wide Web Ready for Serious Distance Education Delivery?
Transcript of David R. Woolley's session from the International Council for Distance Education World Conference, June 1995.
PLATO: The Emergence of Online Community
by David R. Woolley, Jan 1994
Originally published in John S. Quarterman’s Matrix News.
Between PLATO and the Social Media Revolution
by David R. Woolley, May 1983