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VoIP (Voice over Internet - Inexpensive Phone Service)

Product Reviews
CMS Telecom
Offers VoIP managed PBX systems for businesses.
Eware RoboVoiz
Offers equipment and full solutions for VoIP phone conferencing.
Mobile internet service, allowing you to make VoIP calls inexpensively from your mobile phone.
Gizmo Project, by SIPphone
Nearly free phone calls anywhere in the world using VoIP internet telephony. Calls to other Gizmo Project users are completely free; calls to ordinary phones are charged at extremely low rates. Based on the open SIP standard, Gizmo also works with other networks including AIM and Google Talk. Similar to the better-known Skype.
Full-featured audio conferencing using VoIP, optionally combined with cobrowsing and application sharing through a web browser.
Lingo VOIP
One of the least expensive VoIP services that work with ordinary telephones. Offers plans starting at $7.95 per month. Optional mobile plan lets you save money when making international calls on your cell phone. Lingo won Wired Magazine’s Editors’ Pick in 2007.
Make phone calls inexpensively over the internet. One of the first internet phone services.
Complete VoIP Business Phone Service.
Packet 8 (8x8, Inc.)
Offers unlimited local and long distance calls within the U.S. and Canada for $19.95/month. VoIP phones connect through your broadband internet service.
Phone Power
Broadband digital phone service for residential and business use. Works with a regular telephone.
Offers complete business phone systems hosted in the cloud, virtual mobile phone systems, internet fax service, 800 numbers, and other services.
Nearly free phone calls anywhere in the world using VoIP internet telephony. Calls to other Skype users are completely free; calls to ordinary phones are charged at extremely low rates. Also offers voicemail, SMS messaging, and video calls. Available for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and PDAs.
Offers VoIP phone services, SIP trunks, hosted PBX, and other services to businesses. Also offers residential VoIP.
V-Global Communications
Routes your calls from a cell phone or land line over the internet to achieve low calling rates.
Broadband VoIP phone service for both consumers and businesses. Unlimited local and long distance calls for $15.95/month.
Keep your existing phone number and port it to Voiceline. Includes voice mail, call waiting, caller ID, and other features, along with low international calling rates.
VoiceNow!, by VoiceTech Communications
Scheduled or instant VoIP conferencing. Also offers "Click to Talk" CRM for voice communication with customers browsing your web site.
Voice4Web, by Better Software Solution
Offers VoIP conferencing rooms on a per user per month fee basis.
Local and international phone service that works with ordinary telephones, but routes calls over the internet.
Free internet-to-internet calls, as well as "free" calls to regular land lines in many countries (but read the fine print about these, because they do require a paid account.) - Faxing Simplified

Internet Phone Service

Telephone Conferencing

Product Reviews
A+ Conferencing
Low cost, reservationless web conferencing, phone conferencing, and video conferencing.
A Conference Call
Professional, business conference calling service that includes many online meeting and video conferencing features for one low rate. No reservation required. Using voice T1's for clear and reliable teleconferences.
Flat rate and per-minute telephone conferencing, web conferencing, and multi-party video conferencing.
Arkadin Conference Calling
Global audio and web conferencing service with operations in 24 countries. Arkadin’s global coverage and technology reduces the international conferencing rates.
AT Conference
Offers web conferencing, reservationless and operator attended conference calling.
Audio Conferencing
Offers flat-rate, unlimited-use pricing for reservationless audio conferencing and competitive toll-free rates.
Offers reservationless and event/operator assisted conference calls, through partnership with Premiere Global Services. Optional services include conference recording, editing, and transcription.
Audio Web Conferencing
Reservationless and operator-assisted conference calls. Also offers web conferencing services via WebEx, Raindance, and Placeware on a per-minute basis.
Budget Conferencing
Low cost phone conferencing. Offers toll-free, toll, operator assisted, and web conferencing on a per-minute basis, no monthly fees.
A variety of conference call services.
Conference Calling
On-demand, operator-assisted and international local and toll-free conference call services designed and priced for small-business.
Toll-free conference calling, audio conference calling, web conference calling, 800 conference calling, and other services.
ConferenceCall International
Toll-free international conference calls with low rates and corporate quality.
ConferenceCall UK
Simple conference calling for the United Kingdom. No reservations or monthly fees. Particpants pay a small fee per minute charged through their regular phone bill.
Business teleconferencing services, reservationless and operator assisted. Offers free conference recording, broadcast lecture/listen-only modes, interpretation/translation, and other features.
Conference Leader
Reservationless toll-free calling, operator assisted large audience calls, pre-paid conference calling cards, and other services.
Flat-rate, unlimited use phone conferencing and web conferencing services.
Inexpensive flat rate conference calling in the UK, with local dial-in numbers in over 50 countries worldwide.
Deposition Conferencing Services
Audio deposition conference calling services for attorneys, court reporters, and legal firms.
Double-Click Conferencing
Offers phone conferences with a web-based management console and professional transcription services.
eDial Audio Presenter
Acquired by Alcatel (now Alcatel-Lucent)
Express Teleconferencing
Polycom conference call service in Australia.
Free Audio Conferencing
Free phone conferencing. Each participant does have to pay whatever charges they might incur to dial the central number for the conference. Also offers toll-free conferencing at 10 cents per minute.
Free phone conferencing. Each participant does have to pay whatever charges they might incur to dial the central number for the conference. Also offers toll-free conferencing at 10 cents per minute.
Free phone conferencing for up to 96 participants. Each participant does have to pay whatever charges they might incur to dial the central number for the conference. Also offers toll-free and operator- assisted conferencing.
Free Conference Calling
Free conference call service with on-demand access, conference recording and podcasting via MP3, and 500 caller capacity.
Greymouse Global
International conference call service, with toll-free dial-in access in the U.S. and Canada, and local dial-in access numbers in many additional countries in South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.
HotAir Conferencing
Promises the lowest prices for audio conferencing in Australia.
Voice conferencing bridges supporting participants on both PSTN and IP connections, catering to enterprises and service providers.
The world’s largest conferencing provider offers conference calls for small business and global audio conferencing solutions for enterprises.
LiveOffice Teleconferencing
Toll-free conferencing starting at 4 cents/minute. All plans include advanced moderator controls, and detailed conference call reporting with no upfront commitments.
Message Impact Systems
Offers toll free, reservationless and operator-assisted conferencing in the US and Canada.
My Conference Line
Conference call services for both small and large groups (up to 2,000 guests). Features a web-based control panel, "hand raising" for a muted guest to alert the moderator of a wish to speak, call recording and playback.
Offers free shared local and toll-free access numbers, as well as dedicated access numbers. Multiple concurrent conference calls are allowed.
Offers low-cost phone conferencing services. Also offers video conferencing and web conferencing through other providers.
Offers low-cost phone conference calling between the US, UK and Europe. Each participant pays for their own call charges which is added to their standard telecom bill.
Premiere Conferencing
Large and small-scale phone conferencing, with web conferencing options.
RCC  (Relay Conference Captioning)
Live, real-time text of meetings, phone calls, video conferences streamed for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals with internet connection. Worldwide availability, able to reserve live captioner in advance, text transcript available. Free to all Federal employees.
Offers audio and web conferencing with levels of operator assistance available, no reservation requirement, toll free calling in the US, Canada and 50 countries worldwide
RollCall Business Conferencing
Offers telephone conferencing, and web conferencing service based on DataXchange or WebEx.
Offers low-cost telephone conference calling with WebEx web conferencing service at no extra charge. 24/7 operator assistance, pay only for use, multiple services based on need. Free demo.
Phone conferencing with optional web conferencing features.
Inexpensive telephone conferencing service with recording, muting, volume control and host dial-out features. Toll-free calling for guests.
The Switchboard
A free Java applet that enables free browser-to-browser phone calls, conference calls, voice mail, and instant messaging.
Business teleconferencing services, reservationless and operator assisted. Offers free conference recording, broadcast lecture/listen-only modes, interpretation/translation, and other features.
Toll Free Conference
Business conference call provider with toll free dial-in, online conference management and free recording and low per-minute rates.
Unlimited Conferencing
Inexpensive conference calling offering low per-minute fees or unlimited flat rate conferencing.
Vast Conference
Offers discounted audio conferencing services including reservationless toll-free and large operator-managed events.
Vox Conferencing
Offers voice conferencing at flat per-minute rates, and web conferencing at monthly rates.
Offers immediate, no-contract phone conferences at a per-minute charge, or plans with extra features and reduced per-minute charges with monthly fees.

Virtual Phone Numbers

Product Reviews
Virtual phone systems for business. Features call routing, transcribes voicemail to text message or email, local numbers in the U.S. and Canada, and an Auto-Attendant answerer that creates the appearance of multiple departments.
Google Voice
Gives you a single phone number in an area code of your choice, that will ring at all of your phone numbers (home, work, mobile, etc.) or any single number or combination you choose. Route your calls to different numbers based on who is calling or time of day. Also features voicemail to text transcription, and international calling at low rates.
Choose any area code you want and link it to your home, cell, or work phone. Give out your Vumber and keep your actual phone number private. When a call comes in you can answer, send it to voicemail, play a custom message, or give a busy signal. You can also call out from your Vumber.

Headsets & Conferencing Equipment

Product Reviews


Logitech ClearChat Pro USB Headset
Corded over-the-head headset with two padded earpieces and adjustable boom microphone, designed for online conferencing, chatting, and VoIP calls. Cord plugs into a USB port. Volume controls and mute are on the headset.
Plantronics Foldable USB Stereo Headset (Audio 470 USB)
Corded, foldable headset optimized for laptop use. Two padded earpieces with adjustable noise-cancelling microphone. Connects to a USB port.
Plantronics Voyager 510 Bluetooth Headset (USB)
This is a lightweight wireless headset that can be worn over either ear. It communicates to a small bluetooth base unit that plugs into a USB port on your computer. Can also be used with any bluetooth-enabled mobile phone or cordless landline phone. Sound quality is excellent, and it is very comfortable to wear.
Sennheiser PC 20 Over-the-Head Monaural Headset
A no-frills headset with excellent sound quality for voice communication. Over-the-head design with one earpiece and adjustable microphone. Connects to your computer with two 3.5 mm plugs, one for the microphone and one for the earphones.

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Audio Conferencing Equipment

Hello Direct
Source for telephones, headsets, speaker phones, phone accessories, fax machines, etc. in every imaginable configuration.
Phoenix Audio
Manufactures PC audio conferencing microphones and other hardware, designed for headset-free, hands-free use.
Spracht Australia & NZ
Provides conference phones, accessories and teleconferencing services throughout Australia and New Zealand.
ThinkEngine Networks
Designs equipment for voice and web conferencing service providers that can be deplyed on both TDM and IP-based networks.
XOP Networks
Conferencing bridge supporting audio conferencing and web conferencing.

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Defunct Conferencing Services

These services are no longer available or have been absorbed by other companies.
Audio Conferencing 4U
Full-featured audio conferencing at low rates, both toll-free and flat-rate.
Bigfoot Conference Call
Offers dial-in and dial-out teleconferencing. Also offers web conferencing services.
Offers VoIP (voice over internet) conferencing services.
Impromptu, by Confonia
Instant telephone conferencing, with optional web conferencing features. The conference center dials out to participants you specify.
Low-cost reservationless phone conferencing, with or without web conferencing, charged by the minute.