WWW: Introduction and schedule

Terry Anderson (Terry.Anderson%UALBERTA.CA@vm.ucs.UAlberta.CA)
Mon, 5 Jun 1995 13:24:41 -0500

Below please find the introduction to Evans Craig, our second speaker
(attached) and a tentative outline for Session 2 on the WWW.

Thanks to David Woolley for a very  interesting first posting  which pretty
clearly outlines BOTH the strengths and weaknesses of the WWW for distance
education delivery.

The format for this session is an "expert dialogue" which means that David
and Evans will present issues related to the topic and insure a stimulating
presentation by responding to comments made by each other. This does NOT
mean that "non-experts" are restricted from participation.  We all have to
be aware that there are nearly 500 participants in this conference, so a
comment from everyone would be overwhelming. However,  2-3 comments, from
the virtual audience, per day, would be most wlecome and add to the success
of the conference and to learning by us all.

Outline for discussion:

Day 1: Introduction of  Web Servers and forms of interaction

Day 2: Conferencing on the Web. I introduce to Computer Based Training via
the Web.

Day 3: Interaction with Web tools.

Day 4: Discussion of  VRML on the web.

Day 5: The future of the web AND how we can use it all, TODAY.

Evans Craig, our second presenter introduces himself as follows:

I currently work at Sandia National Laboratories as a LAN Mgr for Education
Outreach.  I am a Telecommunications consultant for Tribe's across the
country (I am a Navajo indian from Shiprock, NM) as well as an Educational
Technologies consultant.  I conduct "Countdown To Supercomputing" the only
Native American supercomputing program in the country, where we bring
approx. 100 Natives American high school students from reservations across
the country to Alb., NM for 6 weeks of Math & Science training and high
technologies training.  I conduct the technologies training for the last 4
years and will be training teachers in "Train the trainer" sessions this
year. The student curricullum is being converted to a Mosaic hjomepage for
easy distribution and I am currently putting the Teachers training  on a CBT
in Toolbook. I am also the systwem administrator for a National Native
American Network called "AISES Information System (AIS)" , the American
Indian Science & Engineering Society (AISES) network. A full network with
Internet connectivity through an 800# and Telnet access.  I am currently
starting my own venture ATIIN, Advanced Tribal Integrated Information
Networks creating both infrastructure and WEB pages aimed at Tribalentities.

My new business is a new venture, spin-off ofSandia National Laboratories
called "ATIIN - Advanced Tribal IntegratedInformation Networks." Our mission
is "To bring Native American businesses and communities onto the
'Information Highway' by consulting, designing, and implementing
telecommunication infrastuctures through World Wide Web technologies."
Our products and services include: ATIIN Web Server - to host a central
location for information on American Indian business capabilities,
Corporate/Community Web Server - An example of a use for an internal Web
server is using it as ameans to provide information that teaches, maintains,
or regains cultural tradition or language, WAN/LAN - Integrating existing
networks with Web Domain servers and replacing outdated mainframe
environments with state-of-the-art client/server networks, and finally,
Educational Technologies/Training Curricula - Integrating CBT's and Web
Homepages to develop student/teacher skills and proficiency to become self
sufficient on utilizing technologies such as Internet, Fractals, Virtual
Reality, Vector-based Supercomputing, and Massivelly Parallel
Supercomputers. My address is:

Evans Craig, VP Educational R&D
One Technology Center
1155 University Blvd. SE
Albuquerque, NM   87106

Enjoy the session!

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