Re: WWW Strengths & Weakness

David R. Woolley (
Wed, 7 Jun 1995 11:19:31 +0300

Martin Owen makes a point I'd like to address.

>I have a concern that from my informal observations of WWW users is the
>swiftness that the eye scans the pages...
>I am a victim myself. Large fields of text can be daunting on screen, but quite
>pleasurable when between two pieces of flexible card.

This is definitely true, and it's a limitation of the Web that's important 
to remember. Nobody wants to read long textbook sections - or even a novel 
- on a computer screen. CBT designers long ago realized that they would 
quickly lose their audience if they forced students to wade through page 
after page of text.

On the Web this effect seems to be even more pronounced. People tend to be 
looking for quick information nuggets;  they don't usually read for depth.