WWW - Helpers, CBT's & VRML's

Evans Craig (bilbo%TRITON.UNM.EDU@vm.ucs.UAlberta.CA)
Wed, 7 Jun 1995 11:47:48 -0600

David is really good at these summaries, while I am used to the state-of-the-art
 utilities that practically do all of this itself.

As I mentioned in my first posting, it is the _browsers_ that will make this WWW
 technology easy-to-use, WYSIWYG formatability, and integration of all Internet

Yes, today they are the limiting factor. But tomorrow, like when Windows '95 com
es out, all of the developers will be scrambling to create the best browsers, wi
th _all_ of the helper capabilities built within them.  When you have an common
interface, such as Windows, coming standard with a built-in browser, you now hav
e millions of people exposed to WWW technology.  They will not embrace it if the
 browsers stay in the same state they are today.

I am developing Web-based CBT's that can be launched from within a browser, and
the browser can be launched from within the CBT stand-alone.  The OLE' standard
helps for the integration of Windows applications, but what about all of the oth
er users that are not running Windows (MAC, UNIX, VAX, etc....)  These limitatio
ns are small obstacles that I must face today.  Tomorrow, I doubt it.

There are drawbacks to using helper applications, but these are typical of _all_
 new technologies. If you do not want to search for the helper applications, the
n install them, then configure the browsers, just buy a book that has that all d
one for you in a disk/CD application. (e.g.  Running a perfect Web Site, by Davi
d Chandler, includes all of the freeware/shareware from the net and even some pr
econfigured browsers!) Unfortunately, if you want a preconfigured WWW server, yo
u will pay *dearly*.

I should know, I just bought a SGI/Indy preconfigured with Netsite.  The reason,
 to have the best state-of-the-art WWW server, and to develop VRML (Virtual Real
ity Modeling Language) Homepages.  These types of Homepages are relatively new,
(~6 months) but have the potential to create _lots_ of interaction between the a
uthors, the customers, and the users. (Being me, Evans Craig as the author, my c
ustomers, Native businesses, and all of you, the public, as the users.)  Right n
ow the only real interaction is through the mail lists on HTML's and VRML's deve
lopers, and through forms for the customers and users.

My Web site will be in operation within the next week.  On this site, I will hav
e both the CBT's and the VRML Hompages in a test area, until they are fully deve
loped.  Afterwards, a VRML Homepage with a massive database behind it, will laun
ch all of the other Homepages.  The sites registered URL is :

http://www.atiin.com                    for regular business

http://www.atiin.com/countdown.htm     for educational curricula & CBT's
http://www.atiin.com/R&D/VRML.htm      for Virtual Interfaces

Lastly, I would like to thank  David, Martin, and Antti for getting me to share
this with all of you.  Once again, this is the first time that I have written do
wn my plans and shared it with others, besides my partners.

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