Re: WWW Strengths & Weakness

Brad Cox (bcox%GMU.EDU@vm.ucs.UAlberta.CA)
Wed, 7 Jun 1995 16:58:21 -0500

>Okay, let me amend my statement. *Most* people dislike reading long text
>documents on a computer screen.

Now we're getting somewhere. The number who view webs as equal to or better
than paper is somewhere between one and a lot. Woolsey says >50%.

I've no idea. Anybody have data to pin this down a bit closer? Or shall we
just prove this by assertion?

>It's always a good idea to take your audience into account. If your audience
>is Brad, you'd do well to give him a few megabytes of ASCII.  But as a
>general rule, people will tend to skim or skip long text documents on the Web.

>Sometimes it's a good idea to give people the option of downloading a
>version of a document in, say, Postscript format, so it can be printed and
>read offline.

I never download postscript. Postscript kills trees. Want me to read it,
write it in.htm.

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