Re: WWW Strengths & Weakness

Howard Kaplan (HKAPLAN%UDCVAX.BITNET@vm.ucs.UAlberta.CA)
Wed, 7 Jun 1995 21:32:58 EST

From: Kannan Thiruvengadam <kannan@CS.UALBERTA.CA>
Proceeding on these lines, one can conclude that placing
loooong (educational) documents on the web is no way to *use* it.
Break the information into smaller units and make them
the leaves of a tree. Each internal node doesn't have
to be a menu (like in gopher). It should be an independent knowledge
unit (which makes sense by itself). Shortness of the units
also means the unit will be over before the reader
loses interest. And since every unit that comes up
does so entirely because of the reader's asking for it,
there is no way he is going to read it with indifference.

                I can support this as a research tool, but how would
this apply to novels or even long review papers?  A concern of mine
is the possibility of confusing the numbers of embedded layers one
has to traverse for depth of coverage and not recognizing what
may very well be superficiality.
                                        Howard Kaplan