WWW - Value as aconferencing system

Terry Anderson (Terry.Anderson%UALBERTA.CA@vm.ucs.UAlberta.CA)
Wed, 7 Jun 1995 20:24:17 -0500

I'd like to invite  David Woolley  and any others with practical experience
to comment on the strengths and weakness'es of  any of the new WWW (ie
HyperNews) based conferencing systems vs. older non WWW conferencing systems.

We have a First Class system running here and I do like the ease of use,
securtity, intuitive feel and relatively good support from the developer.
However, it and most conferencing systems, are proprietory products, require
special clients and don't access other features of the WWW.  My question has
a practical value for myself and our University as we intend to greatly
expand our asynchronous support for distance and face-to-face learners and
feel that a good conferencing system will be at the root of this support.

Suggestions, comments most appreciated.

Terry Anderson
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