Re[3]: WWW Strengths & Weakness

Thu, 8 Jun 1995 10:32:48 EDT

RE: WWW Strengths and Weaknesses:

David Woolley replied to Brad Cox re: long postings on the WWW.

I wonder how many people on this conference are printing or downloading
some of the longer messages for later reading.

I agree with David, and wish to voice support for the fact that we
need to condsider the length of the message on the WWW.

We need to consider that those who want to read on-line should do so,
those who need a hard copy from which to make notes as they read
should be able to print, and those who need to look at it later,
but want it on the computer screen, should be able to download it.

This is interaction on the WWW.  Doing it in many ways to meet the
needs of all of the people involved.

Dr. J! at St. John's