Re: WWW Strengths & Weakness

Jean-Jacques d'Aquin (jdaquin%JAGUAR1.USOUTHAL.EDU@vm.ucs.UAlberta.CA)
Thu, 8 Jun 1995 11:42:02 -0500

David Woolley asks for data on screen vs paper preferences.
I personally don't have any, but I quote from:

        Hannafin M. J. & Peck K. L. (1988).  The Design, Development, and
Evaluation of Instructional Software.  New York: Macmilan.

On p. 349, "Another weakness relates to the quality of text display.  The
resolution of even the best video displays does not compete favorably
with the resolution available on a printed page.  Characters on the
monitor are not as easily read as letters on paper, and the 80-character
column width on many computer monitors, as well as oversized characters
used in some programs, require extraordinary eye movements, thereby
reducing reading speed and comfort."

To each his-her own, we are all different, however, the analyses reported
on reader fatigue is overwhelming against video.

Jean-Jacques d'Aquin