Re: Re[3]: WWW Strengths & Weakness

Jim Dague Ed. Dept. (JDAGUE%JCVAXA.JCU.EDU@vm.ucs.UAlberta.CA)
Thu, 8 Jun 1995 22:17:19 -0500

In answer to your question about saving some of the longer files for later
reading, the answer is yes.

I would add that this is one of the more "powerful" tools in all of this. I
don't always have time to read everything that is coming in but that doesn't
mean I can't learn from it. So I just add it to my file and read it sometime in
the future. The is the of the things that makes all of this a very different
type of learning experience. In the past if you didn't take the notes in class
it was "gone" unless you could remember it. Now remembering becomes a much less
important item as I let my computer do the "remembering." Learning takes place
now but also in the future as I recall the file or search it for key ideas.

Yes, it is a very different type of learning than we have used in the past.