Re: WWW - VRML Benefits?

David R. Woolley (
Thu, 8 Jun 1995 19:52:27 -0600

Thanks for the overview of VRML, Evans.

VRML will certainly have some interesting applications in education. 
Imagine a Web-based course in architecture, for instance. A VRML segment 
could let a student "walk through" a Frank Lloyd Wright house or the St. 
Paul Cathedral. Better yet, students could make their own designs 
available for other students to explore in simulated 3-d space.

I'm not an expert on VRML, myself. One thing I'm unclear about is what it 
will take to create a VRML application. How will you go about constructing 
a 3-d space for users to explore? What tools are available now, and what 
tools are anticipated for the future?

I have to say it seems like a stretch to imagine that VRML will save money 
in travel expenses. Is this even an application that makes sense for VRML? 

Video teleconferencing is available now, and it certainly has the 
potential to reduce the necessity of travel to meetings. This is not 
usually done via the Internet. The Internet isn't particularly well-suited 
to carrying live video, though it can be done. Will it be possible to do 
video teleconferencing with VRML? That is, can we convert a live scene 
into VRML to be transmitted in real time across the Web? Will there be any 
advantage to doing so?