Re: Re[3]: WWW Strengths & Weakness

Howard Kaplan (HKAPLAN%UDCVAX.BITNET@vm.ucs.UAlberta.CA)
Fri, 9 Jun 1995 15:26:44 EST

I am not used to sitting and scrolling through ca. 50 messages/day on a single
topic as is being done with this conference.  What keeps me at it is the
quality of the information and the variety of sources from which it comes.
Two things I've learned so far:
        1. Even though I'm in the camp that says people don't like reading long
           messages off the screen (I don't), I can be co-opted.
        2. There is a degree of coalescing and reinforcement of the information
           that occurs through
reading material that builds on itself.  This
           increase in knowledge, it seems to me, is actually greater than
           would be achieved through sitting at a traditional conference lec-
           ture regardless of how good the question/answer period was.

I am finding this very exciting and definitely worthwhile.
                                Howard Kaplan