The Right Tool for the Job:
Choosing Tools for Collaborative Work Online

by David R. Woolley


The number of products and services in the field of online collaboration is mind boggling, and as you peruse their overlapping feature lists your eyes soon glaze over. How do you even begin to categorize these diverse offerings, let alone choose what's right for you? This multimedia presentation will give you a starting point: an overview of what's out there, and some ways to winnow the list of choices down to a manageable size by identifying what you need and what you don't need.

Comments from attendees:

"Great cut-through-the-mustard presentation!"

"I really enjoyed your no-nonsense approach."

"It was easy to follow, and I learned a lot."

"Great presentation. Spot on target about the major classes of tools and the advice to only use what you need."

Topics covered include:

This talk was featured at the Virtual Team and Leadership Strategies conference in March 2004.  
You can view "The Right Tool for the Job" as many times as you like for a one-time fee of $14.95.
Note: This presentation requires Adobe Flash Player.
Running time is approximately 18 minutes.

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