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Inexpensive Video Chat

Product Reviews
AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)[ click for reviews ]
Free instant messaging and video software/service from America Online.
Camfrog[ click for reviews ]
Offers several products:
  • Camfrog Video Chat - Windows shareware allowing you to use CamFrog's video chat rooms
  • Camfrog Server Pro - Allows you to host your own video chat rooms (users need CamFrog Video Chat client software)
  • CamfrogWeb Allows you to create a video chat community on your web site - no client software required.
iChat[ click for reviews ]
See Messages
ICUII[ click for reviews ]
Inexpensive video chat featuring unlimited minutes, calls, text/picture/video messages.
iSpQ Video Chat, by nanoCom[ click for reviews ]
(Pronounced "eye-speak") Inexpensive software for "friends & family" webcam video chatting, available for Windows and Macintosh.
Inexpensive one-to-one or multiparty desktop video conferencing for Windows and Macintosh users. Also offers server licenses and virtual server arrangements for enterprise use.
Messages, by Apple
Instant messaging application built into Apple's OS X Mountain Lion, featuring support for video chat. Replaces iChat.
ooVoo[ click for reviews ]
Free video chat for up to six participants. Also offers the ability to record and send video messages.
PalTalk Video Chat[ click for reviews ]
Video chat and instant messaging, for two-way and group conversations. Offers both premium service for business use, and free service for home use.
Skype[ click for reviews ]
Offers free video & voice calls over the internet, as well as many other services.
Sorenson Video Relay Service
Free video relay software for sign language users designed to integrate with Sorenson VRS (Video Relay Service) over high speed connection.
The free video chat TokBox service has shut down, but the company is now offering a way to embed video chatting in your own web site with its OpenTok API.
Yahoo Messenger[ click for reviews ]
Free chat & instant messaging software and service. Includes video.
Yawcam is not a service - it is free software you can download and use to connect directly to another computer for a video chat. Requires Windows and Java, and probably tweaking your system settings in various ways to get it working.
Paltalk Plus Free Trial



Product Reviews
Creative Live! Cam Optia AF
This webcam is designed for use both for video chat and for room monitoring: it can rotate and detect motion. Accompanying software lets you record time-lapse video, stream live video, record video clips, and snap photos. Features an autofocus lens and sound-cancelling microphones.
Hercules Optical Glass Webcam
An inexpensive webcam with a glass lens, giving it considerably better image quality than other similarly priced cameras even though it, albeit with typical image resolution. Includes a microphone and headset.
Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000
This webcam won the PC Magazine Editor's Choice in March 2008, and is the one recommended by Skype for High Quality Video calls. Features a 2-megapixel Carl Zeiss glass lens, smooth autofocus, and built-in microphone with Logitech's RightSound noise cancelling technology. Accompanying software lets you snap photos, record live video, and apply a variety of special effects. This camera can capture HD-quality video, but since most computers lack the processing power and the internet bandwidth to smoothly transmit video at that resolution, in practice this ability is only good for capturing video to a hard drive.
Logitech QuickCam Pro for Notebooks
Like the QuickCam Pro 9000, but designed for use with notebook computers.
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Webcam Enhancing Software

CamTrack, by DigitalPeers
Software that enhances webcam applications by keeping your face centered in the frame, automatic zooming, noise filtering, and special effects.
SoftService Ltd
Offers software to enhance desktop video conferencing in a variety of ways, including WebVideo, CamZoomer, and CamSplitter.
Adds animated Flash backgrounds and foregrounds to your webcam video in real time. Free download.
WebCamDV, by OrangeWare
Software that allows using a digital video camcorder as a webcam for video conferencing. Supports camcorder features such as zooming, night vision, autofocus, digital stabilization, etc.


Logitech ClearChat Pro USB Headset
Corded over-the-head headset with two padded earpieces and adjustable boom microphone, designed for online conferencing, chatting, and VoIP calls. Cord plugs into a USB port. Volume controls and mute are on the headset.
Plantronics Foldable USB Stereo Headset (Audio 470 USB)
Corded, foldable headset optimized for laptop use. Two padded earpieces with adjustable noise-cancelling microphone. Connects to a USB port.
Plantronics Voyager 510 Bluetooth Headset (USB)
This is a lightweight wireless headset that can be worn over either ear. It communicates to a small bluetooth base unit that plugs into a USB port on your computer. Can also be used with any bluetooth-enabled mobile phone or cordless landline phone. Sound quality is excellent, and it is very comfortable to wear.
Sennheiser PC 20 Over-the-Head Monaural Headset
A no-frills headset with excellent sound quality for voice communication. Over-the-head design with one earpiece and adjustable microphone. Connects to your computer with two 3.5 mm plugs, one for the microphone and one for the earphones.
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Video Conferencing Systems & Services

Product Reviews
Manufactures state-of-the-art ISDN and IP-based video conferencing equipment.
Provider of voice, data, video communication services with literally hundreds of network applications, devices, programs.
AliceStreet Conference Center
Unique video conferencing software that provides a 3-D simulation of an actual conference room. PowerPoint presentations can also be delivered.
Arel Anyware
Adds multipoint live video and VoIP to Microsoft Live Meeting.
Avaya Video Conferencing
Offers desktop video conferencing with Avaya one-X Communicator, as well as high-definition office and conference room video conferencing systems.
Blue Jeans
Cloud-based video conferencing that works with a wide array of conferencing systems, including mobile video, desktop computers, room conferencing systems, MCUs, and regular telephones.
BNI Solutions
Offers video conferencing products for on-premises installation: PowerPlay, a family of H.323 IP-Based video conferencing endpoints that can interoperate with other H.323 systems, and IPContact, an embedded software package that allows users to conduct high quality, multipoint video conferences over any IP-based network without a centralized MCU.
BT Conferencing
Offers video conferencing, phone conferencing, and web conferencing based on WebEx and LiveMeeting. BT Conferencing is a U.S. subsidiary of BT Group plc, the large telecom company headquartered in the UK.
Central Offices Business Centres
Offers Polycom-based video conferencing services in Singapore.
Offers corporate video conferencing solutions from Tandberg, Polycom, and other vendors, in the UK, Europe, and United States.
ClearSea, by Mirial (formerly Dylogic)
A desktop video conferencing network appliance, designed to meet the video conferencing needs of an organization. Available either as a physical appliance or virtual appliance (VMware based).
Clique Communications
Offers CliqueForum, a web conferencing system featuring high quality multipoint video, as licensed software, as a hosted service, or on an OEM basis. Also offers Clique Video Messenger, an inexpensive video instant messaging / chat service for Windows PCs.
Monthly subscription service offering multipoint video conferencing, instant messaging, and application sharing.
Covideo Systems
Offers business-oriented video email, video conferencing, and video sales rep services.
DigiChat AV
Software options with features like moderated chat, VoIP, web cam, flexible instant messaging and file sharing.
Flash-based video conferencing with up to six simultaneous webcam feeds. Also features real-time document sharing. Hosted service; soon to be available for private installations.
e-Conference Center, by WSI
Inexpensive multiparty video conferencing, combined with the ability to share PowerPoint slides, whiteboard, and file sharing.
eMEETplus, by Neotechsoft
Multiparty video conferencing supporting up to 17 live video streams, plus document sharing, web page sharing, whiteboard/markup, and file transfer features.
Offers a wide variety of video conferencing products and solutions, including multipoint video conferencing, group/boardroom conferencing, desktop video conferencing, and video network management.
Offers video, audio, and web conferencing services, as well as telepresence conference rooms available for hire in locations around the world.
Flash-based video networking with public/private chat, URL sharing, timer, recording. One speaker at a time; other broadcasters are put in an ordered queue.
GlowPoint operates a global IP video network, selling high-performance video phone services to businesses.
GoodMood WIP
Combines webcasting, IP video conferencing, and WebTV. Also features whiteboard, application sharing, and polling.
Full-size, real-time images for video conferencing. Able to simultaneously connect up to 4 studios worldwide. Interpreters available if needed. Purchase and leasing options available.
A multi-user web conferencing solution which allows unlimited video conference meetings, desktop sharing and advanced scheduling support.
Offers a suite of web and video conferencing products, variously designed for team meetings, online training and eLearning, large events and webinars, and online customer support. Uses a small downloadable client rather than a web browser. Offered as a hosted service or as licensed software on a per-seat basis.
Imajet Communications
Systems for boardroom and desktop video conferencing.
In-House Communication
Offers video conferencing, audio conferencing, and web conferencing systems from top-name vendors.
Offers video conferencing service and equipment. Video conferencing room rentals are also available.
International Video Conferencing, Inc. (IVCi)
Provides conferencing solutions by installing and managing systems built by a variety of vendors, including video conferencing, web conferencing, streaming, audio/visual systems and network services.
Hosted video conferencing featuring a simulated 3-D environment. Allows up to 16 participants to join the meeting via webcam, and appear around a simulated conference table. Slides can be shown on one wall of the room.
LifeSize[ click for reviews ]
High definition video and audio communications suite with products for small-medium or medium-large groups. Integrated for plug-and-play use with most displays or monitors. Also allows users to join conferences via Skype video.
MegaMeeting Video Conferencing
Offers a range of video and web conferencing services, from personal to enterprise level. Guest participants need only a web browser with Flash; no additional software to install. Supports Windows, Macintosh, and Linux for guests; presenters must use Windows. Up to 16 live video streams simultaneously.
MCI Conferencing
Phone and video conferencing with optional web conferencing features.
Video conferencing service built by NTT-IT, very widely used in the Pacific Rim and delivered in the US by VRMeetings. Supports up to 32 simultaneous live images, plus screen sharing. Offers three meeting formats: Conference Room, Presentation Room, and Seminar Room (which permits audiences up to 1,000). Payment is either by monthly subscription, per use, or per minute.
Software used for building scalable peer-to-peer video and audio communication services. Tiered pricing starting at 50 simultaneous users.
Nefsis Video Conferencing [ click for reviews ]
Provides full-suite web conferencing and live collaboration with multiparty video and hands-free VoIP. Supports all leading webcams and PC video peripherals, including HD. IT-friendly security, feature and bandwidth controls for business. Available under scalable online service and dedicated server/software plans. Free trial.
Wide range of hosted video conferencing, web conferencing and teleconferencing applications and services for small or large groups. Full service Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint video options, or bridging services supplied for your own equipment. Secure, fully-featured web conferencing includes desktop sharing, recording, live polling and more. Conference rooms available around the world by the hour, day or week.
Full-motion video phone. Simple set-up, easy to use. Flat monthly fee or pay in advance for discount.
omNovia Secure Conference
Hosted, secure video and web conferencing platform, integrated within your existing web site for up to 1,000 simultaneous participants and multiple presenters. Omnovia is web browser-based, (no heavy software installation), with integrated voice conferencing. Offers private file sharing and multiple moderator options. Also allows you to record, archive and rebroadcast your presentations in high resolution.
OnSync , by Digital Samba
Web conferencing with integrated VOIP audio and live video. File sharing, live polling, full feature recording, customizable screen layouts, Learning Management System (LMS) integrations available. Software for purchase or managed service options. Flexible licensing models available. Supports Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux. Flash based. Free unlimited use for up to three participants; monthly fee for larger meetings.
OpenMeetings [ click for reviews ]
Free, open source web and video conferencing software, based on Java and Flash. Works on any platform and any browser. User interface is available in many languages. May require more technical expertise to install than most commercial web conferencing software.
Allows developers to embed Flash-based video chatting into a web site or web application through an API (applications program interface).
Offers a range of group video conferencing and desktop video conferencing systems. Polycom Office combines web conferencing features with live video.
Radiance Communications
Phone and video conferencing services, primarily serving Singapore and Malaysia.
Desktop video conferencing products accessible on any device. Built-in firewall traversal, ability to broadcast to large audience including both PC and Mac users. Highly scalable. Radvision also sells tools for developing internet conferencing applications.
Santa Cruz Networks (formerly Reality Fusion)
High end video conferencing and data conferencing products for reselling carriers, large enterprises, and government agencies.
Satellite Communication Systems
Offers worldwide video conferencing via satellite.
Session, by Wave Three Software
Full motion video over IP and voice over IP, combined with application sharing. Uses peer-to-peer communication. Supports Windows and Macintosh clients.
Feature-rich group video conferencing platform, available as software for on-premises servers or as a cloud-based service. Participants can connect via any PC or Apple computer with the TrueConf application installed, or via Android or Apple mobile devices.
Unreal Media Server
Free streaming media server for Windows operating systems, similar to those offered by Real Networks and Microsoft. Can be used for live video conferencing or to deliver stored video or audio streams. Requires some technical expertise to set up, but the software is free.
VIA3, by VIACK Corporation
Highly secure, high resolution, lower bandwidth video for real-time conferencing. Telephone quality audio delivered over internet, eliminating additional phone charges. One-click meeting initiation, integrated and simultaneous audio/video, notice of contacts currently online, secure online file storage.
Web-based video and audio conferencing available 24/7 with live chat, presentation and collaboration tools such as document/file sharing, PowerPoint and spreadsheets. 10 guests possible, up to 6 can be seen at one time. Email invitation to attendees provides direct link to meeting. One time set-up fee; pay- as-you-go monthly after that.
Client/server video conferencing software. The client software runs on PCs or PDAs. Also available as a hosted service on a per-minute basis.
Virtex C3
Offers live desktop video and audio conferencing, and web delivery of recorded video presentations.
Multiparty video conferencing up to 63 participants, media sharing, and VoIP phone integration. Can be used in either presentation mode or discussion mode. Also offers the option to install the vzRoom software on your own server.
See MCI.

Video Streaming

Product Reviews
AlstraSoft Video Share
Affordable video sharing with built-in flash player, multi-language capacity, multiple site settings, channel and user management functions and display options. MySQL, Unix, PHP.
Live video and audio streaming software for download. Free. Can use Camstreams Encoder for set-up or Microsoft Encoder. Need webcam, sound card and internet connection. Broadband recommended but not required. Some streams feature chat rooms. Windows only.

Booking Video Conferencing & Telepresence Facilities

Product Reviews
Eyenetwork Telepresence
An international video conferencing booking service with affiliates around the world available for hire by the hour.
Simplifies the process of finding and booking video conferencing or telepresence facilities in cities around the world.

Conferencing Equipment

Product Reviews
Phoenix Audio
Manufactures PC audio conferencing microphones and other hardware, designed for headset-free, hands-free use.
Offers the Xcaster series of compact wireless HD video cameras, supporting SIP, H.323, and 802.11n and interoperable with HD and telepresence products from Cisco, Tandberg, Polycom, Radvision, and other vendors.
Polycom Products
Offers standard desktop video conferencing equipment, conference call phones, Polycom conference phones, teleconferencing equipment and conference call systems.
Smarter Interactive Ltd.
UK-based business that installs and supports audio visual solutions, including video web conferencing, digital signage, and interactive whiteboards.
Solutionz Conferencing
High-end audio/video integration for corporate video conferencing rooms across the U.S.
Spracht Australia & NZ
Provides conference phones, accessories and teleconferencing services throughout Australia and New Zealand.
Telcom Data
Provides business phone systems, Avaya phone systems and conference call systems, voicemail system and advanced conferencing phone and gateways for voip phones.
TEN Audio Visual
Provides video/audio conferencing consultancy, equipment supply, installation & integration, support & maintenance and training. Based in the UK.
ThinkEngine Networks
Designs equipment for voice and web conferencing service providers that can be deplyed on both TDM and IP-based networks.
VBrick Systems[ click for reviews ]
Offers video conferencing system consisting of VBrick WM Appliance, VBPresenter Software (PowerPoint add-in for synchronized slides, polling, web pages), camera and accessories. VBCorpCast designed for business/industry. VBEduCast designed for educational use.

Defunct Conferencing Services

These services are no longer available or have been absorbed by other companies.
CMEI Video
Offers video conferencing along with instant messaging. Also offers pre-recorded video streaming.
Offers VoIP (voice over internet) conferencing services.
e/pop Video Conferencing, by WiredRed
Rebranded as Nefsis
Free software that integrates with Skype or Google Talk to add live video to your conversations.
Hosted service that allows adding video conferencing and chat rooms to your web site.
Free international voice, video and instant messaging with "distributed" conferencing to accomodate larger network of participants. Presently interoperable with various SIP networks. Requires computer headset; can use microphone or speakerphone mode with laptop/PC.
Low-cost reservationless phone conferencing, with or without web conferencing, charged by the minute.
Video conferencing service powered by Imajet.
Free flash-based video conferencing with whiteboard. Speaker and text chat windows, attendees window, assorted tools for whiteboard. Offering free recording and unlimited one-hour sessions with up to five people. PC, Mac, Linux.
Inexpensive, "friends and family" oriented software for one-to-one video conferencing. Requires Windows.
Inexpensive but exceptionally high quality desktop video conferencing. Enables natural visual communication synchronized with a normal phone conversation. Up to four participants can be on-screen simultaneously. Offers the capability for Windows and Macintosh users to video conference with each other. Voice and video calls are free. Multiparty calls require an inexpensive paid subscription.
TryFast[ click for reviews ]
Video chat and instant messaging. Free for one-to-one chatting; inexpensive premium service offers multiple video windows and compatibility with other major IM systems.
Instant group video and chat you can paste into your My Space or Facebook page, blog or web site. Show names of participants, provide static image for those without webcam. No download required.
VidiTel, by Santa Cruz Networks
Multipoint desktop video conferencing over the internet. Up to six live video images can appear on screen simultaneously.
Vidivic, by Androme
Free video meetings for up to nine participants. Requires Internet Explorer (based on ActiveX, so no software download is required.)
Offers Flash-based streaming media, including video messaging, video phone, video conferencing, and video chat.
Windows Live Messenger (formerly MSN Messenger)[ click for reviews ]
Free Instant messaging and one-to-one video chat. Also allows making inexpensive calls to regular phone lines. Windows only.
Free one-to-one video chat over the internet
One-to-one web-based video conferencing.

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