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Web Conferencing Articles & Resources

        The Right Tool for the Job:
Choosing Tools for Collaborative Work Online

This 18-minute presentation by David R. Woolley provides an overview of the vast array of tools available for online collaborative work, along with advice about how to choose the best tools for your specific situation.

The Wall Street Journal Business Solutions:
Making Online Meetings Easier

From the Wall Street Journal

This article discusses ease-of-use advances and pricing models in a number of widely used web conferencing services, and how these issues relate to adoption of online conferencing for business meetings.

        The Web Conferencing Book:
Understand the technology, choose the right vendors

by Sue Spielman & Liz Winfeld

Covers IT requirements, security issues, how to make the business case for web conferencing, teaching employees to use web conferencing, choosing vendors for equipment and services, using web conferencing for training, telecommuting, and other applications.

        The Web Conferencing Imperative for Collaboration, Productivity, and Training
by Henry E. Liebling & Ruth Ann Forrester

How, and why, to use web conferencing effectively for a variety of purposes. Includes case studies that illustrate how to manage time, organize content, engage and involve participants, and build relationships.

Web Conferencing: Not as scary as it seems!
by David R. Woolley for Microsoft's "Office Online," July 2005

A brief introduction to web conferencing for the faint of heart.
Seven Reasons You Need Web Conferencing
by Phil Britt, Network Computing, July 2006

"It's cheap, it's easy and it saves money. Web conferencing may have had a bad name in the past, but it no longer does. Top experts tell why you need it now."
The Future of Web Conferencing
Robin Good interviews David R. Woolley

Analysis of recent trends in the conferencing industry, and predictions about how conferencing tools will evolve over the next several years.
Web Conferencing: Rich Media on the Desktop
by Jean Marie Angelo, University Business magazine, April 2006

Discusses how several universities are using web and video conferencing. "No more jerky videos and voices - today there's a brighter web conferencing picture."
Web Conferencing: Business Methods Change by Tapping the Internet
by Tom Sawyer, Engineering News-Record, Mar 2003
The Potential of Web Conferencing is Virtually Here
by Curtis O'Keefe, Washington Business Journal, Apr 2002
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Vendor White Papers

Multipoint Video Conferencing Technology
by Nefsis

This paper explains how PC-based, Internet video conferencing solutions work; how they traverse firewalls, proxies and existing Internet connections; use any PC webcam or conference room HD camera; and why they are better, or more cost effective, for certain classes of video conferencing applications.

Creating an eCommunity
by Bill Bruck, Ph.D., Q2Learning

This white paper is for folks who are chartered to build a corporate online community for collaborative work or e-learning but do not have extensive personal experience with managing such communities. The paper outlines critical success factors in four key dimensions (purpose, people, process, and technology) and how they map to four stages of an online community. The resulting 4x4 matrix provides a framework for planning, launching, and maintaining your online community.

Glance's screen sharing tool powers sales demos for MailWise

MailWise CEO Dave Strickler explains how Glance’s desktop sharing service improves his company's sales demos and bottom line.

Individual Product Reviews

Adobe Acrobat Connect: Screen Sharing Performance of Web Conferencing Services
by Heather Petersen, handl Consulting, for Adobe Systems, Sept 2007
Describes the results of screen sharing performance tests, concluding that surpasses the industry average. The "industry average" is derived by averaging the performance of WebEx Meeting Manager, Microsoft Live Meeting, Citrix GoToMeeting, and Yugma, but the report does not provide results for the individual products other than Acrobat Connect. You should interpret the results with caution, because subjective judgements are converted to numeric values and presented in bar graphs as if results have an arithmetic relationship to one another, which they really do not.
Adobe Acrobat Connect
by Robert P. Lipschutz, PC Magazine, July 2007
Review of is rather lukewarm, criticizing some user interface issues and its lack of a recording feature.
AVflyer (now ClearMeeting) Offers No-Frills Meetings
by Michael Caton, eWeek, May 2005
Outlines basic features for , (formerly AVflyer).
by Robert Lipschutz, PC Magazine, Mar 2005
Concise commentary about some limitations of , suggesting it is most suitable for small presentations and one-on-one sessions.
DimDim: Cool open source web conferencing product
by Matt Asay, Infoworld Blog, July 2006
The author of this blog review of is as impressed with the company's open source commitment as he is with their product.
eBLVD Online Meetings
by Robert Lipschutz, PC Magazine, Mar 2005
Review of . Critique of collaboration features; indicating it is best used for one-way presentations and file distribution.
Elluminate Live Sheds Light on Web Conferencing
by Michael Caton, eWEEK, Aug 2006
Short but knowledgeable review of 7.0, including some comparisons with competing products.
e/pop by WiredRed
by James Morris, IT Pro, June 2006
Detailed review of (now renamed . Most useful for readers with a high level of technical knowledge.
CallWave's FUZE Kicks Web Meetings Up a Notch
by Gerry Blackwell, VoIP Planet, Sep 2008
Detailed look at covering its distinguishing features and company background.
Genesys caters enterprise-friendly meetings
by Mike Heck, InfoWorld, Nov 2006
Favorable review of Meeting Center 4.0 as a competitive web conferencing product because of its features, performance and pricing.
GoToAssist: Citrix Remote Control Service is Nimble But Pricey
by Cameron Sturdevant, eWeek, May 2007
Review of 8.0.
GoToAssist Widens Tech Support Options
by Anne Chen, eWeek, Dec 2005
Though 8.0 is now available, this detailed review of GoToAssist 7.0 offers useful information.
GoToMeeting & GoToWebinar: Making Meetings Flexible and Easy
Very positive review of and , with screen images and an extensive description of features.
GoToMeeting: Conduct Meetings Offsite From Your Office
by Jennifer Farwell, PC Today Magazine, Oct 2006
Descriptive review of set-up, user interface and features of . Includes mention of drawbacks compared to other products.
by Jeff Bertolucci, CNet, Mar 2005
Review of with screen shots and user ratings.
GoToWebinar: Online Migration
by Jessica Heasley, Event Marketer Magazine, May 2007
General article about trends in conducting virtual events. Includes mention of .
GoToWebinar: An Early Look
by Ken Molay, Webinar Success, June 2006
Fairly detailed review of the beta version of .
Glance: A Quick Glance at Screen Sharing
by Keith Shaw, Network World, Sept 2007
A video review of . Keith Shaw interviews company founder Rich Baker, and they demonstrate a simple screen sharing session.
Glance Networks Offers Screen Sharing for the Rest of Us
by Judi Sohn, Web Worker Daily, Jan 2007
Review detailing features and simplicity of use for and its new Macintosh version. Comment by Rich Baker, CEO noting corrections on pricing listed in review.
Glance: Simple Glance has its Advantages
by Michael Caton, eWeek, Oct 2005
Review of noting the simple features and relatively low cost.
InterTel VoIP: Scalable, Flexible & Compatible
Communications News, June 2006
Lengthy "case study" of implementation of products by a grocery wholesaler.
Interwise: A Versatile Way to Connect
by Michel Caton, eWeek, Aug 2006
Concise, knowledgeable review of highlighting specific features. Includes slideshow demonstrating use.
Jing Project: The 3 Legged Dog of Screen Captures and Screencasting
by Duncan Riley, July 2007
Blog review of . Not very enthusiastic, but some commenters point out that Jing is not meant to be a full-featured video production tool.
by Liane Cassavoy, PC World, May 2007
Straightforward, informative review of .
Meebo: Web Site of the Week
by Brian Heater, PC Magazine, Jan 2007
Review of detailing many features and making comparisons to other instant messaging services/software.
Microsoft Office Live Meeting
by Leon Erlanger, PC Magazine, Aug 2005
Favorable review outlining specific improvements made in . He notes there is no video conferencing capability, or video/audio integration with PowerPoint, but new and improved features have taken out some of the glitch.
Microsoft Live Meeting 2005
by Michael Caton, eWEEK, Apr 2005
Review specifying improvements in 2005 with ease of deployment being given an excellent rating. The capacity for only 3 user roles is cited as a limitation.
OpenMeetings Free Video Conferencing Software
by Paul McGillivary, PaulTech Network, May 2008
Brief trial of describing some strengths and some problems.
by Ken Molay, Webinar Success, Mar 2006
Highlighting unique feature of :a temporary archival log function which allows companies to achieve Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance.
Proclaim by Netbriefings
by Mike Pihlman, Technology and Product Reviews Blog, Nov 2, 2007
Detailed walk-through of features of Proclaim by including hardware requirements, set up, uploading a presentation, etc. Discusses some of the little annoyances he encountered, but overall review is positive.
ReadyTalk: A Detailed Look
by Ken Molay, Webinar Success, Oct 2006
A pre-release tour of .
RHUBs' Turbo Meeting 200
by CRNTv, Jan 2008
A descriptive and favorable video review of .
RHUB Web Conferencing Appliance: Kick Monthly Fees Out the Door
by Ramon Ray,, Aug 2007
Explains how you can own a conferencing appliance and eliminate ongoing costs.
Sametime Review: Not the Same-Old Sametime
by Charlie Schluting, Instant Messaging, May 2007
Very detailed and comparative review of describing enhancements to conferencing, messaging, reconnect function and general usability.
Sametime: IBM Retools Sametime
by Michael Caton, eWeek, Dec 2006
Review of improvements to such as simplifying file/screen sharing, plus adding new features, such as the appearance of location-based information (home, mobile, cell phone), virtual business cards, rapid connection/reconnection time, and more.
Screencast-o-Matic Brings Screencast Creation to the Web Browser
by Duncan Riley, TechCrunch, May 2007
Blog review of complains about some deficiencies, but notes that it is the first strictly browser-based screencasting tool.
Sonexis ConferenceManager Gets Web-Conferencing Job Done
by Michael Caton, eWEEK, Aug 2006
Very brief review listing strengths and limitations of as it compares to other products. Provides links to other product reviews.
Unyte: Host Web Conferences during Skype Conference Calls - for free!!
by Bill Campbell, Skype Journal blog, Jan 2006
Encouragement to use as a Skype plug-in for "Lite Web Conferencing." For Campbell, this means easy and fast (and free).
Unyte and Skype video tour
Refwell blog entry: a 45-second video demonstrating how to launch and use .
Vyew Presentation software undercuts Webex
by Rafe Needleman, The CNET blog, June 2006
Considers some of the advantages of over software-based products, along with mention of the limitations.
Vyew: The New Vyew, Coming Right at You
by Ken Molay, The Webinar Blog, Mar 2006
Concise review of noting distinguishing features of low cost, quick loadup, no client software to install and easy interface.
WebEx Meeting Center
by Leon Erlanger, PC Magazine, Apr 2005
Review of improvements made in highlighting host/presenter features, improved screen appearance, interface, and options with audio and firewall.
WebEx Meeting Center
by Michael Caton, eWEEK, Apr 2005
Review outlining refinements made to that simplify the user interface creating a more consistent experience across four other WebEx services.
WebEx MeetMeNow
by Oliver Rist, PC Magazine, Mar 2008
Review of detailing its strengths and weaknesses, and covering its new video conferencing capability.
Yugma: Share Your Screen with Yugma
by Josh Lowensohn, Webware blog, Dec 2006
Early, brief review of . Includes user comments.
Yuuguu: Easily Screen Share Mac and Windows
by ScottW, MacosX, Sep 2007
Generally positive review of , briefly describing its capabilities and how to use it.
1videoConference: Free, Open Source Web Conferencing for Your Domain
by Marshall Kirkpatrick, TechCrunch, Nov 2006
Review applauding for its open source web conferencing platform. Points out product is in alpha stage and further development is needed before it is suitable for general use. (1videoConference is now in beta stage).

MegaMeeting Video and Web Conferencing

GoToWebinar - Webinars for Everyone

Multi-Product Reviews & Comparisons

Who's in charge here? WiZiQ and Elluminate
by Vance Stevens, TESL-EJ, Dec 2007
Detailed description and review of .
Free Web Conferencing Software Review - solutions that are truly free
by Alice Osborn, Web Conferencing Zone, July 2006
Short comparison review of for selecting the product that best fits certain needs.
Note SHARE is now called Showtime.
The World is our Campus
by Derrick L. Cogburn and Divya Kurup, Network Computing Magazine, Apr 2006
Very thorough comparison between . Authors used simulated conferences to test products, and have devised an interactive "report card" for identifying products with specific features .
A Tale of Two Systems: Elluminate Live v. Macromedia Breeze
by Shauna Schullo in a paper presented at the 22nd Annual Conference on Distance Teaching & Learning, 2006
This paper explores the advantages and disadvantages of virtual classrooms and provides a list of software systems in use. The author focuses on for detailed comparison.
Review: Five Web Conferencing Packages
by Matt McKenzie, InternetWeek, Nov 2005
Detailed look at similarities and differences between for variables such as ease of use, software/platform requirements, features, support, pricing/licensing.
Review: Web Conferencing Services
by Michael J. DeMaria, Network Computing, Oct 2005
Detailed and objective comparison of .
Meet me in cyberspace: spotlight on 3 Web collaboration tools
by Victor R. Garza, (Federal Computer Week magazine), Sep 2005
Detailed comparison/review of GroupSystems, identifying different strengths of each product, platform requirements, ease of setup and use.
Is It Live or WebEx?
by John Breeden II, GCN (Government Computer News), Aug 2005
Detailed comparison between rating meeting control, performance, features, value and skill requirement for setup and program management.
Web Conferencing: Be Here From There
by Leon Erlanger, PC Magazine, Aug 2005
Comparison of features, including screen shots of (plus Conferral).
Note: Raindance was absorbed by Intercall in April 2006, and Conferral is no longer available.
Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2005 vs. Citrix GoToMeeting
by Michael Sampson, Shared Spaces...The Collaboration Advisor, Aug 2005
Detailed comparison of with specific reference to why users would choose one over the other.
Review of Six Web Conferencing Apps
by Robert Vamosi, c|net, May 2005
Detailed and objective comparison of .
Web Conferencing: It's like being there, virtually
by Mike Heck, Infoworld, May 2005
Detailed review of improvements in features, ease of use, integration, performance and value for . Describes costs and platform requirements.

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