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Hosted Web Collaboration Environments (SaaS)

These web sites host private workspaces for online collaboration and virtual teams. They offer a variety of business-oriented communication tools and better security than sites designed for public communities. Most are oriented primarily toward asynchronous communication, but some also offer real-time conferencing and instant messaging as well.
eStudio - 30 Day Free Trial
Multi-module project management system oriented toward architectural design and construction projects.
5pm, by QG Software
Simplified project management for small workgroups. Free trial; monthly pricing based on the number of users.
AceProject, by Websystems
Project management system, featuring task management, Gantt charts, statistics and reports, time sheet tracking, document management, email notifications, and discussion forums. Basic, limited use is free. Also available as licensed source code for Windows.
Project collaboration, including features for tracking time and expenses and generating client invoices.
AirSet, by Airena Inc.
An online personal information manager with sharing capabilities. Groups can share calendars, contact lists, and to-do lists. Accessible through web browsers, PDA's, and some mobile phones. Can synchronize with Outlook.
Hosted suite of collaboration applications for individual or corporate project management needs. AJAX enabled. Free during promotional period.
Backpack, by 37signals
Similar to a wiki but much easier to enter content. Backpack lets you create and share pages with your organization that may contain documents, images, notes, to-do lists, etc. Group calendars and message boards are also available. NOTE: The vendor is no longer offering Backpack to new customers, and suggests using Basecamp instead.
Basecamp, by 37signals
Web based collaboration featuring task assignment, threaded message posting, scheduling, tracking time and file sharing. Tiered pricing for managing multiple projects. No contract, pay-as-you-go. Free plan available for single project management.
BigMind Catalyst, by BigMindMedia
Highly customizable social space for collaborative work, learning, in-depth conversations, project management, and problem-solving in a well-organized environment.
Bug tracking and project management system. Permits an unlimited number of companies, each containing its own users and projects. Desktop application lets you capture screenshots and record screen videos, and attach them to project items with comments.
Hosted virtual office space with desktop sharing for up to 11 (1 moderator and 10 guests), video broadcasting for up to 25, Power Point presentations from your desktop/website or through their server. Remote computer access, private rooms. Rentals ranging from hourly plans to annual membership.
Powerful yet easy to use file sharing and collaboration. Store your files in the cloud in a folder structure. Offers commenting and discussion, wiki documents, simple workflow and task assignments, searching within documents, presentations, and spreadsheets, and file syncing to your desktop. Free for limited personal use; monthly fees for business and enterprise use.
Online workspace oriented toward engineering firms and the construction industry. Uses WebEx conferencing.
Web-based, scalable project management software available as hosted service or downloadable. Features task and resource management, shared calendar, workflow and budget tracking, along with threaded company-wide or project-specific discussion forums and secure client collaboration capability.
Central Desktop
Easy-to-use group workspace with highly intuitive user interface. Features discussion forums (can be dropped in anywhere), file libraries, calendars, task tracking, etc. Some wiki-like features, as well. Integrated live web conferencing is optional.
Provides online team collaboration for businesses building both Intranets and Extranets. Features include file sharing, wiki, project management, discussion forum, calendar, and chat.
Clinked, by Rabbitsoft
Collaboration and project management platform offering collaboratively authored wiki pages with rich text and embedded documents, forum discussions, event scheduling, and task management. Available in multiple languages. Free for public groups or small private groups; tiered pricing based on size and number of private groups.
Project management tools for mid to large businesses. Offers three products: Comindware Project for project management, Comindware Team Network for team discussions, document management, and facilitating connections, and Comindware Tracker for business process and workflow management.
Web-based project management service automating task/work flow, ticketing and tracking bugs, wiki features for co-editing, document management, team memory, etc. Flexible dashboard and permissions. Monthly plans based on number of active projects and data storage requirements. Also available for custom installation on your own site.
Collaboration Gateway, by CommunityCrossings
Offers secure eCommerce, event registration, polling, email/eNewsletters, discussion forums, project management, eLearning classrooms, CRM functions, and other features.
Offers online workspaces with a variety of tools, including discussions, chat, messaging, blogs, document sharing, and polls, integrated with Microsoft Office.
Browser-based mind-mapping for brainstorming, online presentations and other collaborative uses. Small per-person fee enables up to 20 users to add to or edit comap simultaneously. Maps can be shown to an unlimited number of viewers at no charge. Can also be installed on your own server behind firewall. Windows, Macintosh.
Communispace builds corporate communities based on their own software.
Comotiv Collaboration
A suite of tools offering a combination of real-time and asynchronous collaborative tools, including project and task management, discussions, sharing of files, notes, bookmarks, and contacts, as well as real-time audio and video conferencing.
A virtual office featuring unified messaging, calendar, document management, etc. All tools can be used in individual or shared mode, and all are accessible through web browsers, mobile phones, and PDA's.
Critical Path Hosted Messaging
Service for enterprises, including email, calendar, group scheduling, file sharing, and directory services.
Collaboration suite built around social networking features like microblogging, activity feeds, and profiles, along with wikis, file sharing, group chats, action items, and other features. Basic use is free forever; professional and enterprise versions provide extra features and storage space., by Cynapse
Combines collaboration tools like wikis, blogs, file repositories, micro blogs, instant discussions, and other social applications into a seamless platform. The desktop client keeps users updated with its activity stream while enabling instant discussions within any document, file or content. Available as a hosted service, as an enterprise appliance, or as free open-source software. Based on Plone, Zope, and Python; supports Windows, Linux, and Mac.
CZ Advantage, by Ramius
Community Zero software offered as a hosted service. Privately branded spaces containing one or more distinct communities are available.
Daptiv PPM
Advanced project management. Evaluate project priorities, manage resources, monitor performance, and create your own business applications. Integrates with Outlook.
Very inexpensive online project and task management collaborative software for small creative and technology firms. Create, manage and track projects from one window. Clear user interface. Free for up to 3 projects with 5 users.
Environment for collaborative work and e-learning. Also available as open source software.
DRE Business Collaboration Network
Business collaboration tool for sales & marketing professionals to communicate with colleagues and customers. Features custom collaboration spaces with your company name and logo, full web conferencing capabilities, unlimited data storage, and discussion forums with email integration.
Web-based suite of tools and administrative services with intranet and extranet applications. Industry-specific project and website management/analysis features for higher education, industry and private sector. Real-time and asynchronous applications. Multiple hosting and pricing plans depending on size of organization, frequency of use, level of customization. Integrates with Outlook and Palm.
eStudio, by Same-Page
Free for the first 30 days. A "virtual office suite" with 15 collaboration tools, including message boards, real-time chat, group calendars & scheduling, project tracking, presentations, contact management, project time logging, document management, and more. Your workspace can optionally include an integrated live web and video conferencing tool, OnSync.
eTouch SamePage
Workgroup collaboration environment featuring WYSIWIG editing of wikis and blogs. Free for limited use by up to five users; per-user monthly fees apply for larger groups and unlimited storage. (eTouch SamePage should not be confused with the company named Same-Page, makers of the eStudio collaboration software.)
eUnify, by Serran Technologies
Hosted intranet solution. Discounts for academic and nonprofit organizations.
Tools for brainstorming, categorizing and decision making designed to enhance productivity in the meeting room and over the internet.
Feng Office
Feng Office Sky is a hosted platform offering tools for managing project tasks, communicating with co-workers and tracking all communication with customers and vendors, scheduling, billing, and document sharing. Also available as installed software on your own server.
Workspaces for small to medium size companies. Offers document management and sharing with versioning, task assignment and tracking, discussions, polls, and simple customer relationship management (CRM) features.
Google Apps
Web-based creation, editing, and sharing of word documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and web pages ("Google Sites"). Not as laden with features as Microsoft Office, but it handles the basics. You can use it privately, or share access with any group you specify. Also offers email (Gmail) and shared calendars. Free for educational use.
Group Jazz
Custom-designed conferencing spaces for collaborative work, using Caucus software.
GroupMind Express
Designed for group decision making and project tracking. Used primarily in conjunction with real-time phone or face-to-face conferencing.
A Web 2.0 style collaborative workspace, featuring "community intelligence" features such as ranking, rating, and tagging of content. Supports multiple groups with a flexible permissions structure. Also offers the ability to email notes and content into the system.
Wiki-based collaboration with project management features. Offers the ability to set up custom data tables.
HotOffice Intranet Office Suite
Offers document management, group contact manager, bulletin boards, web-based email, and chat rooms.
Secure, scalable, hosted virtual workspaces for project management, document sharing, monitoring timelines and workflow. Need only browser and internet access. Comprehensive training, consultation and help desk. Basic account is free; three types of premium accounts. Not to be confused with online meeting product named Huddle.
Fully integrated online collaboration, communication & productivity suite, an alternative to building your own Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint servers. Tools include web-based email, document management, intranet and extranet workspaces, group calendars, task manager, forums, contact management, opinion polls, announcements, Outlook synchronization, and online databases. Compatible with all PC and Mac web browsers, and almost any mobile device. Free services include training, phone support, upgrades and consultation. Can be integrated with HyperMeeting or HyperWebinar for live meetings. 30-day free trial.
PC Magazine review of HyperOffice, Aug 2010
Complete workspace solution that integrates conferencing, document management, instant messaging, and other collaboration tools.
IdeaPlane, by Workshare
Enterprise social network, combining security and privacy controls with easy-to-use social tools. Offers profiles, connections, status updates, private messaging, groups, newsfeeds, and other social network features.
Collaborative work and project management service, featuring extensive document sharing, planning and tracking, chat and messaging features. Priced according to storage and bandwidth usage.
InfoPort, by Innovis
Features document archive, address book, contact manager, "to do" lists, news, and resource scheduling.
Instant Business Network Collaboration Server (IBN-CS), by Mediachase
Powerful, secure collaboration, communication and tracking solutions for any size organization. Feature-rich enterprise class software, with versatile and customizable data field tracking, shared lists and records to reduce unnecessary email, inbound/outbound email routing, portfolio creation and management to logically group projects and more. Integrates with Microsoft Office and Windows. On-demand subscription plans also available.
Secure, on-demand workspaces for document storage, retrieval and exchange. Real-time reporting shows who has accessed the information, when and how often. Simple user interface. Files can be uploaded in any format, even by fax.
Kavi provides standards organizations and consortia with web-based collaborative solutions that facilitate standards development and management. Secure workspaces enable group-based document repositories, email discussion lists, online balloting, comment resolution, and more.
Can be used free of charge if you will tolerate advertising banners and some space usage limits.
Lotus QuickPlace
Collaboratively create mind maps in real time. Integrated with Skype for simultaneous voice conversations. API allows developing applications that interact with MindMeister. Basic use is free; low monthly fee for unlimited mind maps and additional features.
Mix Meeting
Real-time conferencing options including reservationless online meeting rooms able to accomodate small or large groups. Application and desktop sharing, file editing and transfer, interactive chat, polls. Hosting options available; pay only for the time you use. Also offering pay-per-minute conference calling with toll-free dial in. High volume discounts available.
Hosted virtual office with calendars, contacts, email, files store and task scheduler. The most feature-rich version requires special Windows desktop software, but your online office can also be accessed through a web browser or Windows Mobile Pocket PCs.
Collaborative workspaces built on the concepts of blogs and wikis. Free plan allows unlimited users, blogs, wikis, and calendars. Additional features (task management, file sharing, management controls, and others) come with monthly fees, but are still inexpensive.
Public and private collaborative work spaces with a variety of tools/features including blogs and wiki. Document and file management/sharing along with website publication, corporate intranets and extranets, individual or collective blogs. Available as a hosted service with a dedicated server or free with shared server. No ads. Java based.
Low cost service offering features for collaboration, sharing, exchanging, and managing files and documents securely online.
Collaboration service for independent and mobile teams of 2 to 20 users. Provides secure storage and management of your files, allowing access to your files from anywhere and easy sharing with people within or outside your team. Automatically synchronizes files across multiple computers. All of your files are automatically backed up in the cloud and protected by 256-bit encryption.
Public and private email mailing lists with a web interface for posting and reading messages and files. Free for public groups (with no ads). Fees for private groups are tiered based on the number of group members.
Offers project management, project calendars, discussions, and document sharing with support for 2D and 3D CAD data designs.
Uses the BSCW Shared Workspace System.
Orchestra by Crossdraw
Web-based shared workspace application, can be integrated into existing website. Installation required. This website appears to require Internet Explorer.
Easy-to-use hosted wiki collaborative workspace, with WYSIWIG editing, ability to attach documents, and plugins for shared calendars, chat rooms, and voice chat. Free for personal and educational use; premium features for business use are charged based on the number of users.
Collaborative workspace designed for CAD engineers and Architects, offering real-time web conferencing as well as document libraries, project management, etc.
Planet Intra
Offers Planet Intra service for light duty, and Intra.Net service for larger organizations.
Offers tools to manage both unstructured project information (notes, documents, media files, forum, blog, and wiki posts) and structured data such as task tracking. Multi-language user interface.
ProjectCoordinator, by Designtech
Web-based tool for project management, document management, and web content management. Also available as licensed software (the "portal" version.)
Project Drive
Web-based project management. Offers Gantt charts, calendaring, and collaboration. Customizable and secure.
Offers hosted collaborative workspaces based on IBM Lotus Team Workplace and Lotus SameTime.
Manage people, tasks, projects and budgets. The dashboard and planning features provide reports and info specifically with your project sponsor or stakeholder in mind. Includes unlimited online storage, and excellent integration with Google Docs.
Uses the BSCW Shared Workspace System.
Project Plan
Create and share your project plans online. Manage your work, keep projects on track and share plans with others. First 30 days are free.
ProjectSpaces by Forum One
Web-based collaboration tools featuring document storing/sharing, on-the-fly discussions, multiple project/task management. Monthly fee (unlimited members) based on number of projects. Free trial.
A collaborative work environment specifically designed for e-learning development projects. Features storyboarding, Flash production, project management, instructional design work, and QA tracking.
Quick Doc Review
A free, instant, private space for gathering comments on a Word or HTML document. The "Pro" version allows password protecting your documents and other features, for an annual fee.
See IBM Lotus Team Workplace
Q2Learning (formerly Collaboration Architects)
Powerful collaboration platform for eLearning communities.
Also available as open source software.
SigmaSense, by Grouputer
Enables online team collaboration in meetings using structured qualitative and quantitative tools of the DMAIC methodology. Available as either a hosted service or licensed software.
A visual project board, allowing you to easily visualize your workflow. Manage multiple projects, track tickets, maintain contacts, and keep project-related communication together.
Wiki collaboration. Also features team blogs, searching and tagging, and file management. Integrated with email and instant messaging. Free for up to five users; monthly fees for larger groups.
Features group and user profiles, forums and listservs, file repositories, surveys, group calendars and scheduling, issue tracking, and search tools.
Free project management tool to create workflows, delegate tasks and track progress. You can attach documents and spreadsheets or sound recordings, video etc. No download required. Clear user interface.
Enables a team to organize and track projects using a web-based task list with integrated calendar, discussion, and document management capabilities.
Web-based project management. Features scheduling, forecasting, status reporting, and task assignment, with easy drag-and-drop user interface. Free during beta testing.
TeamPortal, by ISC Limited
teamspace, by 5 POINT AG
TeamSpace, by
Teamware Pl@za
Allows creation of intranet portals, with discussion forums, document management, personalized workspaces, and user-updateable pages.
TeamWork Live
Web-based project management software and team collaboration tool for managing tasks, sharing documents, tracking time, and centralizing communication with team members and clients. Includes Gmail-like internal messaging system, Microsoft Project import tool, and Google Docs integration.
Web-based groupware system with HRM, task management, CRM, service desk and IP PBX, offered in 30 languages. Free-of-charge version for up to 10 users, and free for all educational institutions. On-premises version is also available.
Free service for personal and noncommercial use only. Offers forums, calendars, contact managers, and other tools for collaboration.
Allows creating and editing word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online, compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Can be used as a private office, or invite others to view and collaborate on documents. Requires a web browser and Java. Free online use; desktop, mobile, and server editions are available for purchase.
Online creation, editing, and sharing of word documents. Allows import/export from/to Microsoft Word, Open Office, RTF, and HTML formats. As the name implies, Versionate tracks all changes to your documents. Free for basic use; paid plans offer more storage space, increased security, and other features.
VerveShare (formerly Verve MeetingPlace)
Service targeted at schools, nonprofits, religious and volunteer organizations to support interaction among students, faculty, alumni, and affinity groups.
WebEx WebOffice (formerly
Features document management, calendars, task management, discussions, contact lists, expense reports, polls, and databases. Optionally integrates WebEx live web conferencing at extra cost.
Hosted applications to create user and discussion groups, control permissions, share files, etc. Available in many languages, which can be used simultaneously. No download, installation or programming experience required. Cost based on number of users. Also offer other web-based ASP services.
A service of SiteScape. Their software is also available as a product.
Hosted, subscription-based digital workplace offering project management, human resources, marketing and sales solutions. Spreadsheet interface options for flexible means to organize and share all types of business information, comprehensive user access permissions, multiple web database availability. Pricing based on number of users. No contract required.
Cloud-enabled file sharing and web collaboration platform enabling real time, simultaneous document-centric collaboration. Allows users to access, review, comment on, and search files in over 200 file formats from any web browser-enabled device.
WorkZone, by Trichys
Extranet or intranet for secure collaboration and document sharing.
Easy to use web-based project management. Inexpensive per-user pricing.
Writeboard, by 37Signals
Free collaborative document editing with version tracking.
xPert eCommunity, by Q2Learning
Collaboration platform optimized for communities of practice and work teams. Also available as licensed software.
A do-it-yourself web application builder and database builder that allows you to create your own collaborative workspace directly on the web. Powered by PostgreSQL. A variety of collaborative tools have already been developed, and you can create additional tools yourself. It requires some effort to dig into Younicycle, and application development may require significant technical skills, but the capabilities of the platform are extensive.
Resource planning and project management using interactive gantt charts. Free while in beta.
Zimbra, by Yahoo!
Unique messaging and collaboration suite available as open source for internet service providers, or as a hosted service either with Zimbra or one of many other hosting options. Customizable 'Zimlets' provide broad compatibility with other messaging and information systems integrating email, contacts, shared calendar, VoIP, and online document authoring. Simplifies conference calling, address mapping, travel booking/tracking, wikipedia search, and more. Additional Zimlets can be customized by you. Pricing based on need and size of network.
Zoho, by AdventNet
Offers an extensive suite of online office applications. Free apps include word processor, spreadsheet, presentations, wiki, notebook, planner, database, and group chat. Project management, CRM, and other applications are offered on a fee basis. A review of Zoho is available at ExtremeTech.

Collaboration Software

These software packages designed to support collaborative work and intranets can be installed on your own server, behind a firewall.
Extended project management software, including document sharing, scheduling, threaded messaging, etc. Also available as a hosted service.
Developer: AtTask, Inc.
Platforms: UNIX, Windows, Macintosh (based on Java)
Web-based collaboration and project management software similar in layout and navigation to Basecamp. Unlimited projects, post messages, email notifications, establish milestones, assign tasks, insert tags, attach unlimited number of files, search every object in project. Source code is available.
Platform:MySQL,PHP5, Apache recommended.
Personal and group calendars, file sharing, instant messaging, email, private forums. Requires PHP and MySQL. Site in French.
Developer: Agora Project
Platforms: Windows, UNIX
AltaVista Forum
See SiteScape Forum ZX
Open source collaboration software. Combines social networking tools with many additional features, including forums, document libraries, calendars, and blogs.
Developer: Tom Calthrop and others
Platform: UNIX, Windows (written in PHP)
BSCW Shared Workspace System
A Web-based environment for collaborative document editing and other shared work.
Developer: Fraunhofer FIT and OrbiTeam Software GmbH
Platforms: UNIX, Windows
Enterprise collaborative work platform. BRANE embeds discussion throughout the team workspace so that discussions take place in the context of relevant documents and project management information.
Developer: Brane Space LLC
Platform: Windows
Features both asynchronous collaborative tools (forums, calendars, scheduling, etc.) and real-time tools (conferencing and instant messaging). Source code is available for complete customizability. Requires Microsoft Access, SQL Server, or MySQL.
Developer: DCASoft
Platform: Windows
Suite of applications for workgroup collaboration.
Developer: PeopleatWork Systems
Platforms: UNIX, Windows NT
High-end, customizable forum system that readily interfaces with other groupware applications. Also available as a hosted service.
Developer: CaucusCare
Platform: UNIX
Offers personalization (content filtering and user-configurable views), powerful search, blogs, discussions, collaborative document creation, and task management. J2EE application with multiple database options and optional LDAP and Active Directory integration. Also available as a hosted service.
Developer: Jive Software
Platform: Windows
Collanos Workplace
Free peer-to-peer project management solution that integrates all project-related content (including images, music, video, etc.) in a single workspace. Real-time or asynchronous discussions, instant messaging with teammates, instant notification of updates to all team members, unlimited workspaces available.
Developer: Collanos
Platforms: Windows, Macintosh, Unix
Comindware Tracker
Workflow process management software for automated issue tracking and task management. Visually design workflows, track tasks, sub-tasks, and projects, collaborate via discussions, and share documents. Comindware Task Management is a component of Comindware Tracker and is available standalone as a free download.
Developer: Comindware
Platform: Windows server. Clients need only a web browser.
A client-server software product that combines task tracking, scheduling, spreadsheets, word processing, on-screen notes, wikis, file exchange, news, memorandums, and instant messaging. Free for up to eight users.
Developer: Virtual Workplace Ltd
Platform: Windows
Combines collaboration tools like wikis, blogs, file repositories, micro blogs, instant discussions, and other social applications into a seamless platform. The desktop client keeps users updated with its activity stream while enabling instant discussions within any document, file or content. Available as a hosted service, as an enterprise appliance, or as free open-source software.
Developer: Cynapse
Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac. Based on Plone, Zope, and Python.
CZ Enterprise
Licensed version of Community Zero software for online collaboration and communities. Runs under any platform that supports the Java Runtime Environment.
Developer: Ramius
Platforms: UNIX, Windows
Free, open source platform for small to medium-size groups who make decisions democratically. Features discussion forums with integrated email capabilities, collaborative document authoring, and polling. Requires PHP and MySQL.
Developer: (Stanford University and East Palo Alto Community Network)
Platform: Linux
Open source software for collaborative work and e-learning. Also available as a hosted service.
Platform: UNIX
Ektron Intranet
Intranet software based on Ektron's CMS400.NET. In addition to content management and community features, offers workflow and task management.
Developer: Ektron
Platform: Windows
See Lotus Domino,
Collaborative work environment requiring a Web browser plus eRoom client software.
Developer: Documentum
Platform: Windows
Open source enterprise collaboration system. Requires PHP and mySQL or PostgreSQL.
Developer: various
Platforms: UNIX, Windows, Macintosh
Exchange Server
Email server software that facilitates exchange of data among Microsoft Outlook users.
Developer: Microsoft
Platform: Windows
An environment for collaborative group work, including realtime chat, asynchronous discussions, surveying, and brainstorming tools.
Developer:, Inc.
Platform: Windows NT, Macintosh
Feng Office On-Site
Open source software offering the same features as the hosted service Feng Office Sky. Purchased software comes with support and automatic updates. The Community version is available free of charge but support is available only through the community forum.
Developer: Feng Office
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
FirstClass Intranet Server
Designed as a complete intranet server, with forum and e-mail capabilities. Forums can be accessed via a Web browser, but to take full advantage of FCIS requires special client software.
Developer: Open Text
Platforms: Windows, Macintosh
Comprehensive suite of applications with 40 customizable modules for document/project/data management and sharing, web site creation, blogs, wiki board, web-based polling/charting/meetings. Buy or lease.
Developer: DCASoft
Platforms: Windows
Genius Project
Project management, featuring gantt charts, timesheet and expenses, project tracking, budget tracking, document management, and email notifications.
GNU Glue
An open source groupware project under development.
Full range of software and services for organizations including membership management, secure online community forums, editable workspaces, project management for fundraising, and more. Offering two pricing tiers designed to accomodate nonprofit organizations.
Developer: Golightly
Platforms: Windows, UNIX, Macintosh
Peer-to-peer collaboration system. Office tools for sharing files and workspaces, project management.
Developer: Groove Networks
Platform: Windows
Open source web-based mailing list manager. Web user interface supports searching, reading and posting messages and files, and administration.
Developer: OnlineGroups.Net
Platform: UNIX, Windows (based on Python and PostgreSQL)
A suite of team-based decision software tools, including brainstorming, topic commenting, group outlining, voting, surveys, etc.
Developer: Ventana Corp.
Platform: Windows NT / Citrix WinFrame
Open source Java-based suite of applications, including collaborative tools, contact management, project management, content management, and more.
Developer: KnowGate
Platform: UNIX
iManage WorkTeam
Platform for collaborative work, including forums, team calendars, document management, etc. Part of iManage's WorkSite product line.
Interact Intranet
Intranet platform featuring Enterprise 2.0 tools such as blogs, microblogs, comments, activity streams, and corporate social networking. The unique Interact Intelligence Store logs information such as browsing routes, search entries, document ratings and hits and uses this information to promote content to users.
Developer: Interact
Platform: Windows
Intranet Connections
Intranet software for employee collaboration, featuring discussion forums, bulletin boards, event calendars, in/out board, e-form builder and survey polls. Requires Cold Fusion.
Developer: SQBox Solutions Ltd.
Platform: Windows
Intranet software featuring message boards, group calendars, company directory, document library, and more.
Developer: Mindbridge
Platforms: UNIX, Windows, Macintosh
Workspaces featuring real-time web and video conferencing, instant messaging, and persistent message boards, document management, etc. Built on a J2EE platform so no client download is required; works on mobile devices as well as PCs. Available both as licensed software and as a hosted service.
Developer: IsoSpace, Inc.
Platforms: Windows, UNIX, Macintosh
kablink (formerly ICEcore)
Offers personal workspaces, blogs, wikis, file sharing, tagging, instant messaging, and other tools for team work. Open source version is free. Enterprise version adds workflow and other advanced features and is priced on a per-user basis. Based on Java/J2EE and a choice of databases (MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle).
Developer: Novell (originally SiteScape)
Platforms: Windows, Linux
Inexpensive and easy-to-use project sharing/project management application downloaded onto your computer. Each team member has complete set of files; new members added easily by email. Automatic email updates for members/participants not using Kerika. Storage server holds messages for buddies while offline. Capacity to share very large files. No up-front cost or long-term commitment.
Developer:Kerika, Inc
Platforms:Windows, Linux, Macintosh
Knowledge Forum
Designed to facilitate building "community knowledge", allowing users to view the knowledge base from different perspectives.
Developer: Learning in Motion, Inc.
Platform: Windows, Linux, Macintosh
KOM 2002 and KOM 2000
Groupware system featuring forums, chat, email, support for distance education, automatic translation of posts into user-selected languages, and other features. Users may participate in forums by email.
Developer: Stockholm University, & KTH Technical University
Platform: UNIX
Web-based groupware applications suite that includes forums.
Developer: Open Text Corp.
Platforms: UNIX, Windows NT
Lotus Domino
Domino permits any Web browser to interact securely with a Notes database (including discussions).
Developer: Lotus Development Corp. (subsidiary of IBM)
Platforms: UNIX, OS/2, Windows NT
IBM Lotus Team Workplace (QuickPlace)
Team collaboration work space. Also available as a remotely hosted service.
Developer: IBM
Platform: Windows NT
Collaborative workspaces available in several licensed and hosted configurations, from free spaces for small organizations to large enterprise solutions.
Developer: Mayetic
Metalayer Community Hub
Portal software designed for corporate collaborative communities.
Enterprise software offering a unique "collaborative messaging framework", offering a form of presence awareness and instant messaging with communications saved for future reference in group and topic-based channels. Also available as a hosted service.
Developer: Parlano
Platform: Windows
Open Team Support
A free Web-based center for collaborative work. Supports discussion, voting, an information repository, and other features. This is a research project still in progress.
Developer: Mike Dilworth
Platform: UNIX (written in Perl)
Oracle Collaboration Suite
Server software for enterprise collaboration.
Developer: Oracle
Peer-to-peer group chat and instant messaging tool that allows for group conferences. Peers can share documents that are indexed by content. Any user can search all members' shared folders at once. A shared whiteboard and text chat permits real-time collaboration. Priced on a one-time per-user license basis.
Developer: Imunin Knowledge Software
Platform: Windows with Internet Explorer
Open source project collaboration system (under development).
Developer: various
Platforms: UNIX, Windows
Open source groupware system.
Developer: various
Platforms: UNIX, Windows
Project management and collaboration system with a strong emphasis on design and construction projects. Features secure file sharing, change notification, threaded discussion, history tracking and markup collaboration.
Developer: Informative Graphics Corp.
Platform: Windows
Project management and collaboration system featuring task, resource and time management, calendar and status reports, opportunity management, resource management and knowledge management using a document center and knowledge base, customizable workflow engine, issue and bug tracking, change management system, and risk management system.
Developer: Nagarro
Platform: Windows
See Lotus QuickPlace
Software for quickly creating a company intranet, including chat rooms, threaded message boards, news, calendars, and other features. Also available as a hosted service.
Developer: CS Enlign Inc.
Platform: Windows 2000
Open source system for collaborative work using threaded discussions. Available free under the GNU General Public License. Non-GPL licenses can be purchased. Also available as an inexpensive hosted service.
Developer: Realization Systems, Inc.
Platforms: UNIX, Windows
Windows Sharepoint Services is a free add-on to Microsoft Windows Server that you can use to share information, collaborate with other users on documents, and create lists and Web Part (portal) pages. The Sharepoint Portal Server (not free) is built upon Sharepoint Services, and adds more sophisticated portal features, including team portals and personal portals.
Developer: Microsoft
Platform: Windows
A platform for building intranets for collaboration, implemented entirely in PHP. Requires MySQL or other SQL database.
Developer: Tomoye
Platforms: Linux (Windows version under development)
SiteScape Forum ZX (previously called Alta Vista Forum and Workgroup Web Forum)
Groupware featuring forums, chat, document management, calendars, blogs, wikis, and support for voIP. User interface can be extended and customized using Tcl.
Developer: SiteScape, Inc.
Platforms: UNIX, Windows
Smywee is Windows software that facilitates instant messaging, file sharing between computers, forums, calendars, and other tools for group work. Each member of a team must have the software installed on their PC.
Developer: Airsens
Platform: Windows
Virtual team rooms including message boards, chats, calendar, team administration, file sharing, project management, idea generation and evaluation. Also available as a hosted service.
Developer: 5 POINT AG, Germany
Platforms: UNIX, Windows
Teamware Office
Groupware system that works with proprietary client software or a Web browser.
Developer: Teamware
Platforms: UNIX, Windows
Free peer-to-peer workspace and sharing utility. The Tonido workspace offers shared calendars, contact lists, task lists, discussions, and files. Tonido also has photo and music sharing features, and additional applications can be created. As a peer-to-peer system, your data is stored on your own computer and can be synchronized with other members of your group, so there is no reliance upon a host service. Client software must be installed by each member of your group. Uses a web browser interface. Free for now; premium fee-based features may be added in the future.
Developer: CodeLathe
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
Web based suite of integrated, modular solutions for project management, time and expense reporting, purchasing, invoicing, and more. Capable of integrating with Microsoft Project and most email platforms. Requires Web server and SQL database. See for a comprehensive package of Web enabled Lotus Notes project management software tools, including job costing, help desk services, expense tracking, etc.
Developer: Automation Centre
Platforms: Windows
VIP Task Manager
Proprietary client/server synchronous groupware which allows planning, scheduling, sharing, tracking and reporting tasks, appointments and projects through LAN.
Developer: VIP Quality Software
Platform: Windows
Vista Suite
Collaborative 3-D visualization environment for architecture, engineering and construction industry.
Developer: 3Vista Corporation
WebAssistant Telecommunity
A web browser add-on that allows users to quickly organize all kinds of digital content into personal databases, forming the basis of various collective intelligence applications found in collaborative research, knowledge centers, and (Tele)Communities of Practice, which may include community blogging.
Developer: WebAssistant Company
Platforms: Windows, Linux, Macintosh
Primarily a suite of realtime groupware tools, but features private newsgroups. Implemented entirely in Java.
Developer: JDH Technologies
Platforms: Windows NT, UNIX, Macintosh
A simple but powerful tool that's unlike anything else. Essentially, a wiki is an open-ended, interlinked set of web pages that anyone can edit or add to. A wiki can be used as a discussion forum, a database, an organically grown encyclopedia... you name it. There are now many versions, written for many different platforms. A list is available here.
Developer: Ward Cunningham and others
Platforms: Many
Workgroup Web Forum
See SiteScape Forum.
xPert eCommunity
Collaboration platform optimized for communities of practice and work teams, featuring powerful conversation-style discussion forums and other collaborative tools. Also available as a hosted service.
Developer: Q2Learning, LLC
Platform: UNIX, Windows

Online Classrooms & E-Learning: Hosted

These hosted services vary widely. They have little in common except their educational orientation and some type of forum facilities.
Campus Crossing
Service based on the popular Web Crossing software.
Classroom Assistant, by Nicenet
Free. Designed for secondary and post-secondary school classroom use.
Platform for e-mail-based classes, featuring a discussion forum called ClassTalk.
Offers a suite of tools for both e-learning and group work, including discussion forums, real-time conferencing, document sharing, and online courses.
JESS, by
Hosted service for online course development and delivery. Multi-leveled administrator tools and instructor tools including assessment, threaded discussion, cross-course content, online study groups. Customizable for individual school programs or multinational corporations. All courses available in Spanish.
Provider of enterprise e-learning targeted to business and IT professionals. Live or on-demand classrooms, interactive business skill simulations, certification preparation in many areas.
SmartForce (previously CBT Systems)
Merged with Skillsoft
xPert eCampus, by Q2Learning
Blended learning platform integrating SCORM LMS with threaded discussion, coached assignments, and same-time web meetings. Also available as licensed software.

Online Classrooms & E-Learning: Software

These software products for online learning feature some form of asynchronous forum or message board facilities for group discussion.
Blackboard CourseInfo (formerly Interactive Learning Network)
Multimedia authoring tool for Web-based instruction, featuring threaded discussions and real-time chat.
Developer: Blackboard, Inc.
Platform: UNIX, Windows NT
Freeware designed for educational use. Prompts students to indicate the type of message being posted.
Developer: Mark Guzdial, Georgia Institute of Technology
Platforms: UNIX, Windows, Macintosh
Open source system for building web sites for university classes, including message boards based on WWWBoard
Developer: UCLA
Platform: UNIX
Free message board software designed for use in an educational setting. Very simple to use. Includes an e-mail notification feature.
Developer: Mark Pelczarski, Magic Tree
Platform: Windows
Free, open-source course management system with a wide variety of function modules, available in dozens of languages.
Platforms: UNIX, Windows, Macintosh (written in PHP)
A system for developing and delivering Web-based training, including discussion forums.
Developer: WBT Systems
Platforms: UNIX, Windows, Macintosh
Web Course in a Box (WCB)
Freeware tools to help instructors manage course-related Web sites, including discussion forums with file attachments and archives.
Developer: MadDuck Technologies
Platforms: UNIX, Windows, Macintosh
A tool for developing Web-based educational environments, including forums, chat, and e-mail. Merged with Blackboard CourseInfo, Inc.
WebCT product line remains intact and supported.
Developer: University of British Columbia
Web Training Toolbox
A collection of tools for developing interactive training, including forum and chat functions.
Developer: Janison Solutions
Platform: Windows (requires Microsoft's Internet Information Server)
Free, open source collaborative workspace for teachers and students, written in PHP.
Developer: Matt Reider
Platform: UNIX
xPert eCampus
Blended learning platform integrating SCORM LMS with threaded discussion, coached assignments, and same-time web meetings. Also available as licensed software.
Developer: Q2Learning, LLC
Platform: UNIX, Windows

File Sharing & Cloud Storage

Allows users to create shared folders on their computer, which Dropbox synchronizes in the cloud so that it appears to be the same folder with the same contents regardless of the computer it is accessed from. Requires special (free) software installed on any device used to access the folders. Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Mobile.
Virtual data room and secure document sharing solution for accelerated due diligence, with bank-grade security and reliability and the flexibility to adapt to any dealmaking scenario. Detailed reporting and advanced security controls.
Now merged with Workshare
Digital delivery service: a way to send or distribute large files more conveniently than by email.

Scheduling Services

Free service for arranging group activities. Not limited to scheduling dates - for example, you can poll participants about their preferences for activities, food, or anything else.
Free way to generate invitations to phone or web conferences across time zones. Click on map locations where your participants will be, and it generates an invitation listing local times for all participants.
Comprehensive online event registration software, web-based event management software and payment processing, with a host of other technology solutions. Pricing varies based on your needs and the nature of your business.
Free service for organizing group activities. Sends invitations by email and keeps track of who is planning to attend.
Enter a list of possible dates for a meeting you're trying to schedule, invited participants indicate which dates are open for them, and you quickly settle on the best date. Free for basic use; fee for premium service.
Reg Online
Enables you to process event registrations and payments online for your meetings and events.
This is part "virtual team" site, part "club" site, part personal information manager. It features forums, email, group calendars, etc. but is centered around facilities for scheduling meetings and appointments.

Unique & Hard-to-Classify Services

Dash, by AppMail
A web-based tool that enables organizations to use email to send surveys and compliance documents, and to collect and consolidate all email responses into one organized report.
iDesk, by IT-Alliance
Web-based information-management system enabling users to access and manage multiple email accounts, documents, address book, etc., remotely with devices like PC, Pocket PC, Palm, Cellular phone. Virtual conference room. Website in Spanish.
Hosts online focus groups.
A knowledge base content management software, FAQ builder and PHP script for creating/managing an online or offline help desk, creating article directories, providing online tutorials and other customized uses. Developed in PHP with MySQL. Completely re-brandable source code. License available as hosted service or for purchase.
Teamlines, by Itensil
A team activity/process manager that allows you to track project status in real time. Available as a hosted service or as licensed software.
Wild Apricot
Membership management for associations and organizations. Includes a website builder, event registration, online payments, and contact management.
Free add-on that turns Outlook into more of a collaborative workspace. Organizes messages into threaded conversations, displays profile portraits and social connections of email correspondents, and makes it faster and easier to find messages and attachments.

Defunct Collaboration Products

These collaborative workspaces are no longer available.
Actionize, by AlliedMinds, Inc.
Service designed for engaging people in advocacy campaigns, activism, events, etc.
Consensus @anyWare, by The SoftBicycle Company
Commercial version of TCBWorks.
Intranet platform for collaborative work, featuring threaded discussions, real-time chat, instant messaging, group scheduling, file management, and more. Requires Internet Explorer.
Developer: Convea Ltd.
Hosts forums and chats with their IP-Forum and IP-Interact software.
EasyFTP, by Systen
Simple web browser-based file sharing. Free 30-day trial.
Project management and team collaboration software enabling task management, resource management, issue tracking, messaging, document sharing and versioning. Also available as a hosted service.
Developer: American eBusiness Solutions
A platform for collaborative document editing and asynchronous discussions. Requires each user to install a Java plugin.
Developer: Forum Enterprises, Inc.
Features forums, chat, project management, request tracking, resource booking, time sheets, and other features for collaborative work.
Intellekt Discussions
A system designed for focused, facilitated discussions. Requires Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher.
Developer: Magiclamp Associates
InTandem, by IntraACTIVE, Inc.
Web-based groupware applications suite that includes forums.
InterChange, by Kryos Systems
A discussion template based on Lotus Notes/Domino, apparently no longer supported.
"Knowledge management" software for workgroups.
Developer: Intraspect
Jotspot has become Google Sites, part of Google Apps.
Lotus Instant!TeamRoom
This service appears to have been replaced by Lotus QuickPlace.
MyAssociation Team
Netscape Collabra Server/Collabra Share
Collabra Server was successor to Netscape News Server
Developer: Netscape Communications Corp.
OfficeMaster, by BiblioTech
Offers forums, conferencing, calendaring, web publishing, email, address books, and more.
Open source collaboration product, now renamed Feng Office
Oracle InterOffice
Workgroup collaboration system.
Outlook Inside
Outlook based workgroup solution that does not require Exchange Server.
Developer: OpusFlow
USA Distributor:Applied Technical Solutions
Pearson Centerpoint (formerly SiPS)
Features class schedules, assignment & grade tracking, attendance, email, and discussion boards. Product being withdrawn.
Developer: Pearson Education (formerly AltonaEd)
Provides access to Groove via a Java interface that can be used from Linux, Macintosh, and handheld computers.
ProVillage Collaboration Engine
Suite of applications designed for workgroup collaboration.
Developer: ProVillage, Inc.
QuickTeam Express
Has been absorbed into iManage.
Workgroup collaboration software by Accentuate Systems, Inc. (This SamePage software should not be confused with eTouch SamePage nor with the company named Same-Page, makers of the eStudio collaboration software.).
SchoolMaster, by BiblioTech
A Managed Learning Environment for primary and secondary schools. Offers forums, chat, calendar, email, content and course managers, and more.
Free, open source software oriented toward university/college use, offering message boards, group calendars, study aids, and portal-like features.
Developer: University of Oklahoma students and others
Support Crossing
Designed for teams of customer support personnel, with features such as trouble ticket tracking. Discontinued, although the Web Crossing software it was based on is still available.
Free groupware system designed by Alan Dennis at the Terry College of Business, University of Georgia, and later marketed commercially as Consensus @anyWare.
Web interface to the TEAMate client/server groupware system.
Developer: MMB Development Corp.
A suite of groupware tools, including a "collaborative outliner" that functions similarly to a tree-structured discussion forum. Implemented entirely in Java.
Developer: Inovie Software, Inc.
Team Crossing
Discontinued, although the Web Crossing software it was based on is still available.
TeamWave Workplace
A workspace for virtual teams, including message boards, whiteboards, file sharing, scheduling, and other group tools. The tools can be customized or extended with a Software Developer's Kit using Tcl/Tk.
Virtual Conference Centre, by Virtual Environments International
Business-oriented online scheduling service, with specialized features for scheduling people, rooms, resources, and events.
A system for design and delivery of education over the Web, with support for discussion forums.
Developer: Virtual Learning Environments, Inc.
Groupware development project that has apparently been abandoned.
Web Collaborator
Designed for collaborative work on written documents, combining attributes of wikis and blogs. Available free as a hosted service, or you can pay for a license to run it on your own server.
A platform for building groupware applications. Comes with a group discussion application template.
Developer: Radnet, Inc.
Project collaboration software. Team members just need a web browser to work together.
Developer: KMtechnologies, Inc.
X-Collaboration - collaborative document editing environment
Open source groupware designed to support structured, goal-directed discussion about designs, plans, proposals or other documents subjected to review by a group.
Developer: Fraunhofer Gesellschaft

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