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David R. Woolley

David R. Woolley, president of Thinkofit, has been a pioneer in social media and online communities since before those terms existed. In 1973 he created PLATO Notes, the basis of the world's first online community and the direct progenitor of Lotus Notes and many other online forum and collaborative work platforms. He was also the co-creator of Talkomatic, the world's first multi-user online chat system. He has designed conferencing facilities for many applications and has published a number of articles and book chapters on the subject.

As the Executive Director of the Twin Cities Free-Net, David spearheaded the building of an online community network designed to support the neighborhoods of the Minneapolis - St. Paul metro area. He was a founding board member of E-Democracy.Org, an internationally renowned organization that uses Internet technology to engage citizens in local political discussions and neighborhood issues forums, and served on E-Democracy's board for 16 years.

He is also a veteran in the fields of interactive media and computer-based training, having designed a variety of authoring tools and supervised the development of many CBT applications.

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"David Woolley is THE authority, as far as I'm concerned, on computer-mediated conferencing systems. He truly understands both the social and technical aspects of social cyberspace."

- Howard Rheingold,author of Smart Mobs and The Virtual Community

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